Callaway's Supercharged SportTruck Teases a Hot-Rodded Chevrolet Silverado

Famous GM tuner Callaway announced via Instagram that a new Callaway SportTruck based on the current Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra is imminent. A few shots of the upcoming truck were teased on the tuner’s account, but as GM Authority points out, performance specs weren’t revealed, nor whether the new SportTruck SC will be using the 6.2-liter L87 V8 or the smaller 5.3-liter L84 engine.

Either way, expect big power. The company plans on launching its new platform with a Signature Edition limited to 100 Silverado 1500s, featuring the newest Eaton TVS R2650 rotor pack. Callaway says this supercharger is 15 percent larger in displacement than the previous 2,300cc unit, all while requiring 18 percent less power to spool up.

Not much else is known about the SportTruck, but we do know that its supercharged V8 will hide under a matte carbon fiber cover to conceal coil packs, wiring and plumbing, all while suppressing valvetrain noise. Callaway’s equally carbon grille will improve airflow to drop intake charge temperatures. In front of the quad exhaust tips is a cat-back stainless steel system, and the truck remains 50-state emissions compliant carrying Callaway and GM warranties.

Inside the SportTruck’s cabin, expect Alcantara over the steering wheel, anodized aluminum door sill panels, billet-machined pedal covers, and Callaway’s signature-build placard. Rest assured, wheel, tire, and suspension packages will also be offered for the supercharged SportTruck. Callaway also continues to work on its Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade packages for 2021.

In terms of relative competition, Ford recently unleashed its new F-150 Raptor, a truck that comes with 37-inch wheels and a coil-over suspension in all corners, plus a V8 in the equally road-legal Raptor R version set for 2022. Ford had to dial up its performance pickup game to fight the mighty Ram 1500 TRX; the 702-horsepower factory super truck that prices pure madness starting at $69,995.

As far as aftermarket tuning goes, last November, Specialty Vehicle Engineering announced its 2021 Yenko/SC Silverado off-road truck, powered by an 800-horsepower, 378-cubic-inch V8 based on the LT1 block. This Yenko special is limited to 50 units and comes in at around $90,000 over the price of a short bed Silverado with four-wheel drive. 

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