Consistent starting issues on my Compass; Jeep clueless on the cause

In the next couple of weeks noticed that the car did not start at the first crank one in ten times. Sent the car back to the service station for another checkup but nothing wrong was found.

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This is a long one folks. Thank you for your patience.

My Compass was one of the first ones in Noida, bought within a week of its launch. Before the pandemic hit I had clocked a good 58k on the odo. The experience had been blissful and I never regretted the purchase.

The horror story started February of this year. The family was out shopping in Lajpat. When I tried to start the car for the journey back it did not start. I called the RSA. The RSA responded pretty fast and the guy seemed knowledgeable and courteous. External battery was not able to get the car started and towing was the only solution left. The RSA person assured me that he can take care of the towing part and I could leave. True to his word he sent me videos of the car getting towed an hour later.

Visited the Okhla service center the next day and the car still would not start. The SA guessed this will likely be a fuel pump issue and assured that once that is changed all would be good.

I thanked my stars that I had been paying attention to the advice here and had spend 25k to purchase the extended warranty. The towing and fuel pump would all of course be free.

Went back home happy that the problem had been identified and would get resolved soon. And here comes the twist in the tale. Got a call from the SA a few hours later that all seems to be fine now and the car is now starting. Asked them to check everything and they confirmed they would be doing that. They hooked it to their machines and tested everything and surprise, surprise no problems were found. Got the car a couple of days later after they had tested everything and found nothing wrong.

In the next couple of weeks noticed that the car did not start at the first crank one in ten times. Sent the car back to the service station for another checkup but nothing wrong was found.

Few months passed and we now enter June. One fine day when I had driven around 100+ kms that day and was about to park the car at home the problem struck again. It was late at night so the RSA requested if they can come next day and I agreed as I was at home. The next day the RSA person came and tried to jump start the car and it worked. The RSA person clearly mentioned that the car might have started but it was not a battery issue. So back to the service center for the car.

No surprises when nothing wrong was found with the car again after a couple of days of thorough checks. So back to driving. The only difference is that while previously each drive used to be a joy now I dread the first few seconds as I am not sure whether the car will start or not. Let me tell you it is not a fun feeling and surely not one I ever though I would have with my Compass.

A few days later one evening the car refused to start again. I had to leave town for a few days that night so when I came back I tried again and it started without any problems. So back to the service center and then back in my hands a few days later without any resolution.

Last Tuesday it stopped at a traffic light and refused to start. Jump start did not work this time. The car was towed. And guess what happens when it reached the service center. Yes I am sure you can all guess it. Works absolutely perfectly. I would like to point out here that the Okhla service center people have been very co-operative and helpful. They seem to have tried everything but the problem could not be diagnosed.

So got the car back this afternoon after three days of checks. Got it delivered at the office. Drove it back to home and parked it. Tried to start after 30 mins and the car did not start. Called the SA and he said he will send the people to diagnose the problem at my home. They came and finally it seems that problem is in the fuel pump. They left with the assurance that they will change it now and they have all the evidence they need.

Fingers crossed that finally this issue is resolved.

Lesson : Please do buy extended warranty.

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