DIY Installation: My 2020 Maruti XL6 gets Intermittent wiper function

The process is largely the same even on a 2020 Baleno Zeta but failed on a friend’s XL6 Zeta.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

DIY Upgrade – Adding Variable Speed Intermittent Wiper function on my XL6

Ever since the Grand Vitara/2022 Brezza came out, I noticed the stalk which matched the shape/profile of the stalks I have on my XL6. Curiously, checked their PIN diagrams and it was identical. Placed an order with MASS locally around July but the part hasn’t arrived till now. Thankfully, the stalk came in stock on Boodmo and I ordered it immediately.

PN: 37310M68P21

Link: Link to stalk

Installation was a simple affair:

1. Remove one screw and pull the lower part of the dashboard trim, comes out cleanly.

2. There will be one screw holding the lower part of the steering column cover, unscrew it and remove the lower part.

3. Turn the steering wheel to the left and right and unscrew the two screws visible and remove the top part of the column cover.

4. Undo the tab to release the stalk and also the coupler.

5. Installation is simply a reverse process and you are done.

Video of Variable speed INT wiper in action: Link

Cons: The only single demerit is that the new stalk has a REAR INT function, but the wiring of XL6 or other models on Heartect doesn’t support it. Anyways we didn’t have this function earlier, so no harm was done.

Installation success in Baleno 2020 Zeta MT: The process was largely the same, except the lower part of the dash had two screws instead of 1 in my XL6

Video and pics of this mod working in Baleno:

Supported and Verified Models: All the models and variants are listed here. Be sure to go through the list carefully, as this mod FAILED in a friend’s XL6 Zeta MT. Notice the different shape of the stalk end:

Hence, request you all to go through the list mentioned above carefully before attempting this mod.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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