Electrify America Wants to Make Robots Charge your EV

Domo arigato, Mr Chargebot-o. Volkswagen’s Electrify America and EV fleet charging company Stable Auto have announced plans to put robot electric car charging solutions in place as a demonstration of some pretty awesome tech.

It’ll start with a pilot project in San Francisco. With the goal of charging EVs without a person having to do anything. And we’re for not doing anything. Like a sort of robotic full-service, the 150kW DC fast charger will use a robotic arm to automatically connect the charging cable to the vehicle. And wash the windows and check the oil. Ok, we made those last two up.

“We believe that reliable, high power electric vehicle charging infrastructure is essential for the accelerated adoption of EVs in the U.S., and recognize that foundational solutions like DC fast charging can be adapted for different charging needs,” says Wayne Killen, director, infrastructure planning and business development, Electrify America, LLC. “Autonomous vehicles will play an important role in the future of driving, particularly with fleets, and tailored charging options for self-driving EVs will be critical to develop that effort. We’re excited to partner with Stable to be at the forefront of learning more and developing those charging solutions.”

Stable will manage the project and pair its robotic tech and scheduling software with the chargers. It’s intended for fleets, where ensuring that a returning driver plugs in is more of a challenge than it is for owner-operated private cars. The goal is to have the cars park themselves and then have the charging start automatically as well.

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