Find of the Day Supplemental: Minty Mint Green Mk1 with Just 740 Miles

There might be a call to Orchid Euro in someone’s future. This absolutely mint 1980 Golf GLD has just gone up for sale with Silverstone Auctions in the UK.

Originally sold in Holland, the car remains right-hand-drive for reasons of cheapness. You see, Brits were charged an arm and a leg for Mk1 Golfs, so a lot of them started ordering them from Holland, where they could be had much cheaper and ordered in RHD.

The Brit who decided to buy this one in 1980 already owned a Golf, but decided that a second might be a good idea while they were cheap. Turned out that first Golf was just dandy, so he garaged this one and only took it on two drives (both for reasons of governmental conformity) in its first 19 years of life. 

In fact, the car was only registered for the first time in 1999 with about 500 miles on the clock. Soon after, it was purchased by a collector, who only put a further 200 miles on it and is now selling it with Silverstone Auctions at no reserve. The sale, ominously, will start on Friday the 13th, so maybe it’ll be cursed. Frankly, the odds of anything this old and in this good condition being cursed seems pretty high. Still probably worth it, though.

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