Ford GT Heritage Walkaround Video Reveals All The Supercar's Secrets

All Ford GT owners get a personalized walk-through of their new car.

So, you think you know everything about the Ford GT? You certainly know it’s a very rare supercar, and you’re familiar with its twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Heck, you might even know all about its various drive modes, but do you know where the secret cupholders are? Do you know what comes in the special tool kit? If the battery dies, do you know how to open the driver’s door?

These questions and more are answered in this interesting and insightful new video from supercar-in-white guru Manny Khoshbin. His new Ford GT Heritage Edition finally arrived, and he brings a camera along for the familiarization walkthrough that usually happens with any new car purchase, not just supercars. As you might imagine, it’s a bit different with something like the Ford GT. Among other things, a singular delivery specialist literally jets around the country to personally introduce the supercar to new owners.

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And what do we learn about the Ford GT we didn’t already know? Right off the bat, we’re shown a neat life-hack to opening the doors a bit easier. We also see how to manually adjust the pedal position, since the GT’s driver seat is fixed in position. The buttons on the steering wheel are given a brief explanation, and for those times you need a latte before hitting the race track, there are two cupholders that pop out of the center console on the passenger side. But wait, there’s more.

The video talks about the Ford GT’s aerodynamics, which includes the rear spoiler that actually changes shape when it deploys. Also, another Ford GT owner’s hack – if you really like the look of the spoiler up, you can set it to manual mode where it’s always up while the car is running. While at the back, we get a look at the special tool and manual kit which includes a lithium battery charger and a titanium tow hook, among other things. Of course, checking the oil is also done at the back, and you’ll want to keep an eye on it because the GT has no low-oil sensor.

Speaking of the engine, there’s a 600-mile break-in period for the 660-horsepower 3.5-liter mill, after which the oil gets changed and you’re free to redline the heck out of it. For normal driving, the video explains that 5,000 miles between oil changes is fine. Given that Khoshbin has a whopping 130 miles on a Pagani he bought a few years ago, he might not need that second oil change for a while.

Just when you think the video is done, Khoshbin drops a Marvel-esqe post-credit scene and yes, it shows you how to “break into” a Ford GT. It’s not really breaking in since it involves a secret key stashed in the electronic fob, but with a few additional steps it is possible to open the driver door without power. The procedure isn’t unlike launching a nuclear missile, but it’s doable.

With all the Ford GT information in this video, you’re sure to dominate all competitors at the next auto trivia night.



Manny Khoshbin via YouTube

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