Ford launches ‘Track Pack’ for new Focus ST

Annoyed you didn't grab a Focus ST Edition before Ford wound it up? Don't be…

By PH Staff / Monday, 26 September 2022 / Loading comments

Longtime fast Ford fans will likely recall last year’s Focus ST Edition. We certainly do. Thanks to some trick suspension components and lighter wheels, it delivered a much more willing front-drive hot hatch – and the ST was no slouch to begin with. Unfortunately, the tweaked variant, which cost £35,785 in the UK, didn’t appear too long before the recent model-wide facelift, and in its aftermath, a slimmed-down Focus lineup evidently had no space for the ST Edition. Insert sad face emoji here. 

Well, now we can all turn our frowns upside down because the Blue Oval has announced a new, available-to-order-from-today, factory-fit Track Pack option for the latest Focus ST. Huzzah! “Our new Focus ST Track Pack combines high-end technical components to make the hot-hatch truly track-capable for enthusiasts,” said Stefan Muenzinger, manager, Ford Performance, Europe. “Adjustable suspension, huge brakes and grippy tyres help optimise performance, body control and track durability for maximum fun – and that’s what this car is all about.”

If that sounds familiar, then kudos – you’ve been paying attention. As with the ST Edition, the Track Pack earns you manually adjustable KW coilover suspension, which means 12-step adjustment for compression, and 16-step for rebound. The spring rates are said to be up to 50 per cent stiffer than standard, and you’ll get a 10mm ride height drop right out of the box. Additionally, there are flow-formed, 19-inch aluminium alloys (10 per cent lighter) and larger 363mm front discs with four-piston Brembo callipers. 

If you want to know what that’s like on the road, we urge you to re-read Matt Bird’s ST Edition first drive, because it’s essentially all carried over – although it’s worth noting that Ford appears to have swapped out the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber for Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tyres. That suggests it is chasing marginal gains, and with the new Honda Civic Type R about to gatecrash the front-wheel-drive segment, the manufacturer can hardly be blamed for eking out the ST’s performance – especially as the Track Pack buys you no additional power. 

It does get you a smattering of styling confetti though, including the rear spoiler, rear diffuser and front bumper wings all finished in high gloss Agate Black, as are the roof, front upper grille and door mirror caps. Predictably, the treatment extends to the wheels, too, through which you’ll see red-finished callipers. Needless to say, all the extras are in addition to the improvements you get courtesy of the Focus’s broader facelift, which includes the improved interior with its new 13.2-inch touchscreen. 

The Track Pack is available exclusively with the five-door hatch and six-speed manual transmission, and is being offered to customers across Europe ahead of the first customer deliveries in November. How much will you pay? In the UK, £3,000, which means that if you indulge no other ticks whatsoever (i.e. you’re content with a Race Red Focus ST) you’ll secure one for £38,985. Quite a bit more than Ford was asking for the ST Edition, then, or how much a Hyundai i30 N Performance will set you back – although still less than the £40k Volkswagen is asking for the DSG-only Golf GTI Clubsport. Where exactly the FL5 Civic Type R will land we don’t yet know – but until then, past experience suggests the Track Pack is worthy of a place on anyone’s hot hatch shortlist. 

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