Foxfire Platinum LEDs for my Honda City: Installation & performance

The LED bulbs are plug-and-play and there is absolutely no need for cutting or splicing any wires.

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Foxfire Platinum Series LED Lighting

I have done several upgrades in terms of the Lighting for my Honda City over the years. The Headlights have gone through several iterations of different LED bulbs and then I also added Projector Fog Lamps to complement the Headlights. Prior to the LED upgrades, I dabbled with the Osram Nightbreaker series as well for a while. For some time now, I have had the Nineo Gen II LED Headlights on both my Low Beam (H11) as well as the High Beam (9005/HB3).

Recently heard from the Foxfire contact (Sunny Gupta) that they have also started selling LED Headlights as well. I have had a good experience in the past with the Foxfire Android Head Unit, my car currently has the Foxfire Android Head Unit (2GB/32GB variant).

Given the good experience, decided to give a try to these Headlights from Foxfire. I decided to swap out only the High Beam this time around and see how it goes. Ordered a pair of the 9005/HB3 LEDs from Foxfire. The package arrived around Christmas time – it was securely packed and arrived in great condition.

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The LED Package Arrives

Specifications: Foxfire – Platinum Series LED Lighting

Before we get into more details – let us look at the specifications for these lights:

  • Watts: 140 W/Set (70W per Bulb)
  • Lumen: 16,800 Lumens/Set (8400 Lumens/Bulb)
  • Colour Temperature: 5700 K
  • Cooling: 8500 RPM Fan + Dual Copper Heat Pipe
  • CANBUS Support: Built-in Canbus Driver, Radio Interference Free

Warranty: 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. Year 2 – Paid Warranty Option available.

Product Page: Foxfire Lighting

Specifications on the Box

Foxfire Booklet That comes with the LED Kit

Physical Dimensions

I have tried Bulbs up to 40W per bulb in the past but at 70W per bulb this appeared quite high. I did call and check with Sunny if it is OK to use this bulb on the Honda City which comes with a rating of 60W per bulb. Sunny reassured me that there won’t be any issue as it is only a small deviation from the rated value. He also offered me installation at Red Soul but I declined the offer saying that Headlight fitment is a D-I-Y and I would do it myself.

Contact Details:

  • Foxfire
  • Sunny Gupta
  • Excellence Multiservices Pvt. Ltd.
  • Plot No. 812, Sector 43, Gurugram (HR) – 122009
  • Customer Care: [email protected]

Unboxing the Foxfire Platinum Series LEDs

The bulbs looked premium and well-built. The Foxfire branding is visible on the LED as well as on the LED Driver Ballast.

9005-HB3 Socket Type for High Beams

Box Opened – 01

Box Opened – 02

LED Bulbs placed in front of Box

Hand Held View

Close-Up View of the LED Bulb – 01

Close-Up View of the LED Bulb – 02

Close-Up View of the LED Bulb – 03

View of the Bulb Base with Fan and Top

Upclose View of LED

Close-up showing Foxfire Lettering

Testing the Bulbs

Immediately after unboxing, I decided to test the bulbs to ensure that I got working ones.

LED Connected to the Headlight Power Socket

And there was Light!

I unplugged the power plug from the existing socket and connected it to the Bulb and tested both bulbs to be working in the engine bay itself without mounting. This is a quick and way to test the bulbs rather than fitting the bulb completely onto the Headlight Socket.

Installing the LED Bulbs

The Honda City comes with 2 pairs of Headlight sockets. One pair based on the H11 Socket type and powering the Low Beams and another pair based on the 9005/HB2 socket type powering the High Beams. The Low Beams are positioned on the outer side and the High Beam sockets are positioned towards the middle.

Engine Bay View showing the High Beam Sockets – Arrows Pointing to the Base of the LEDs

Driver Side – Socket – Front View

Driver Side – Socket – Rear View

The High Beam socket on the driver side does have an obstruction in terms of the Wiper Water Piping. A clip that holds the Wiper Water Pipe needs to be removed to provide easy access to the High Beam Socket on the driver side.

Passenger Side – Socket – Front View

Passenger Side – Socket – RearView

On the Passenger side though, there is no obstruction and sufficient space to fit the bulb easily.

Also, the Bulb Angle within the socket can be adjusted. Sunny advised me to ensure that the bulb is in the Gun Position. The Gun position is illustrated in the image below:

Bulb Alignment within Socket – Gun Position

Installed the Bulbs by pulling out the Nineo Bulbs. The LED Bulbs are Plug and Play and there is absolutely no cutting or splicing of wires. The entire installation is completely Plug and Play and takes 10 minutes or less.

Now that I had completed the fitment of the High Beam Bulbs – let us next explore the performance of these bulbs.

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