Fun times with my pre-worshipped BMW 530d M-Sport

99.99% of the time, I let the magical ZF-8 gearbox do the work & use the paddle shifters when required.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Been having way too much fun with the 530d. Lots of usage around the city due to social events, and a couple of highway runs too.

Best place to park when exploring South Mumbai is Metro Cinema’s lot. Dumped the car there, then went on to eat Bun Maska @ Kyani & Co, Cafe Mondegar (with a jukebox!), CST station to admire its architecture, Marine Drive to watch the sunset…

Nice click

Tiger Point, on the way to Aamby Valley. Nothing like the combination of the Valley’s winding roads + its view + onion pakoras + strong tea.

The enhanced GC of the facelifted version means I never have to think twice before taking the Bimmer anywhere. It’s been to the nooks & crannies of MH + Goa without issue.

Full-manual mode is a lot of fun on such roads, although admittedly, only then. 99.99% of the time, I let the magical ZF-8 gearbox do the work, using the paddle shifters when required.

No fun without interesting machines in your life! Parked the 5 at Manson’s and took his beast out for a spin in Bandra.

Enjoying live indies…

… at Back 2 Door 1.

Charming Bombay during late nights. All the more so when it’s the festive season. The Sealink was done up in the Indian flag’s colours.

Bhabhi decked her up for Dussehra & did the Pooja.

One of the best brunch places, Silver Beach Cafe @ Bandra.

Went to Buvachi Misal to meet Viddy, Libran & the EQS (more info & pics at this link).

In terms of issues, the car has been super reliable and there’s nothing noteworthy:

  • Brake rotors need replacement (Viddy animatedly pointed this out to me, with his hands shaking and all).
  • The washer fluid pipe had corroded. Had sent my car for detailing to Turtle Wax & they replaced it.
  • Some ‘parking brake failure’ warning came up for a day and has since disappeared. Am guessing either a bad sensor or low voltage. Not seen it again.

Here’s what BHPian Vid6639 had to say about the matter:

LOL. Had good fun driving the 530D and following the EQS down Lonavala ghats. The 530D feels damn good.

It’s far more plush and cruiser than the 328i I have. The steering is not as manic and sharp and you can do long distances more relaxed.

The remap with extra horses and torque was superb but I had just driven the EQS before so the perception was skewed.

Here’s what BHPian Dr.AD had to say about the matter:

Awesome car and awesome updates, GTO! The 530d never looks old. It still looks brand new and still looks fresh. A truly timeless design.

I can understand about the brake rotors because once Viddy pointed the same in my car, but just by looking at the pictures of my car after a nice wash.

Here’s what BHPian TurboKat had to say about the matter:

Went through this thread after a long time, 10 months to be precise. I think this problem existed in earlier generations too. A week ago, I noticed that the rubber lining of the front windscreen of my uncle’s 2007 E60 523i had also become brittle and chipped out at the corners. The car mostly stays in a closed garage and has clocked only 41000 kms on the odo.

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