Gallery: The 2022 BMW M5 CS Sheds Weight, Adds Power

If you thought BMW couldn’t squeeze any more performance out of the already potent M5, I have some news. BMW is tacking on two important letters to the BMW M5. Meet the BMW M5 CS. Like the recent BMW M4 CS, the M5 CS cranks up the horsepower and shaves down the weight. For BMW fans, this might be the ultimate way to drive you and your friends to your local track day.

The BMW M5 CS takes the already potent BMW M5 to the next level with more power and less weight.

The BMW M5 CS sends 627 hp through an eight-speed automatic into a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system.

The BMW M5 CS drops 230 pounds through a strict diet of carbon fiber and sound deadening removal.

The BMW M5 CS sticks with the 4.4-liter V8 from the standard M5, probably not a big surprise.

The BMW M5 CS is available in three finishes: Brands Hatch gray metallic, frozen Brands Hatch gray metallic and the frozen deep green metallic you see here.

The BMW M5 CS features plenty of carbon fiber accents throughout the car’s exterior to further show that you bought the good one.

The BMW M5 CS starts at a reasonable $142,995 before any extra markups are tacked onto the sticker.

The BMW M5 CS will only be available for the 2022 model year, according to BMW.

The BMW M5 CS sports a stiffer suspension than its M5 Competition stablemate.

The BMW M5 CS is also 0.2-inches lower than the M5 Competition.

The BMW M5 CS sticks with the carbon fiber roof that you’ll see on the M5 Competition, and it still looks fantastic.

The BMW M5 CS features red-painted brake calipers and standard carbon ceramic brake rotors. You can opt for gold painted calipers for no extra cost.

The BMW M5 CS’s carbon fiber rear diffuser looks like its ready for a race car.

As you would expect, the BMW M5 CS also features a carbon fiber rear spoiler.

The BMW M5 CS badge might add a few grams to the car’s curb weight, but signifies that this is the most extreme M5 you can buy today.

The BMW M5 CS also features some subtle badging like this piece of trim on the front fender.

The BMW M5 CS’s engine cover looks appropriately cool for such an interesting car.

The BMW M5 CS’s interior is just as over-the-top as the rest of the car.

The BMW M5 CS features four bucket seats to help your passengers stay put while your running to the store.

The BMW M5 CS’s interior is also as posh as you’d expect from a high-end BMW.

The BMW M5 CS’s interior branding isn’t as subtle as the exterior, but there isn’t much need for subtlety sometimes.

The BMW M5 CS sports a print of the Nurburgring in the headrest just to remind everyone that this car is no slouch.

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