GoDigit experience: Neglects insurance transfer & becomes unresponsive

It’s really disheartening to see the car in the same condition for close to 3 weeks and need help on how to take this forward.

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Hi team,

I have recently bought a used VW Jetta. The ownership transfer has been completed and I reached out to the insurer to transfer the insurance to my name. There was a delay in the transfer process on their end and during the recent rains in Bangalore, a tree branch fell on the parked car shattering the rear windshield and denting the roof and the boot of the car.

The surveillance cameras installed in my place have caught this. The exact time of the incident is a bit dark due to a power outage but you can see the neighbours rushing to see the car moments later. I have shared all the proofs requested by the insurer. After all the proofs have been submitted now they aren’t responding to my emails. To date, even my contact number hasn’t been updated in their systems.

Below is the timeline of events;

June 1: Request raised for insurance transfer. Had attached the screenshot from the Vaahan portal as I hadn’t received the RC at that moment.

June 2: Additional documents were requested by the insurer. RC copy which wasn’t available at this moment.

June 18: All requested documents were submitted from my end.

June 18: Pre-inspection link was sent to carry out the process online.

June 19: Pre-inspection link sent wasn’t working.

During this period I was out of town for work. Once I was back, restarted the exercise of the pre-inspection. Finally, when I called their customer care and informed them the inspection link not working for my car, they informed me the car model needed a physical inspection and cannot be done online.

Aug 18: I sent a mail asking for the manual inspection to be carried out and asking to initiate the procedure for the same.

Aug 19: Received a mail stating a pre-inspection link is being sent again.

Aug 20: The saga continues and I escalated the issue to the team leader who confirms she would have it resolved.

Aug 22: Received a mail from their end that a manual inspection shall be arranged. And the details to be shared.

Aug 26: Still no details of the manual inspection were shared.

On the same morning, a tree branch fell on the parked car causing damage.

I emailed them the pictures and video of the incident site.

Called their customer care and informed the same and also enquired about the manual inspection for which they said they shall have it arranged the next day.

Aug 27: Manual inspection was carried out.

I called on the customer care number enquiring about the status. Now the person on the line tells me they cannot provide me with first-party insurance and only a third party shall be provided. On asking the reason for the same he informs me this is all he has been told and when insisted on speaking with his higher authority I was told no one was available at the office. I did not budge and insisted that he connects me to someone higher up or give me a valid reason why first-party insurance cannot be given. His standard reply is “I’m sorry sir, but this is all I’ve been informed”. He also goes on to say I can take the insurance with some other insurer and if need be he shall have the premium also returned to the source account. And this is when I lost it. The call lasted 40 mins and at last, he said a call back would be arranged in 15 mins and that hasn’t happened to date.

On the same day, I wrote an email to the grievance head (got his detail from the insurance policy) and grievance redressal unit stating all the issues faced and the pathetic response from their team but to date, the guy hasn’t replied.

Aug 28: Someone from the grievance redressal unit called and after explaining everything he had a generic reply that it shall be solved in 24 hrs.

Aug 30: No response from their end, I shoot an email addressing both the grievance redressal unit(GRU) guy and the head.

Aug 31: The GRU guy replied asking for more CCTV footage.

Aug 31: Shared the same as requested.

Sep 1: Follow-up email 1

Sep 3: Follow-up email 2

Sep 4: The GRU guy apologises for the delay and asks for additional 48-72 hours.

Sep 8: Follow-up email 3

Sep 10: Follow-up email 4

Sep 13: Follow-up email 5.

To date, there is no response from their end. The incident occurred on Aug 26th and I’m still waiting.

It’s really disheartening to see the car in the same condition for close to 3 weeks and need help on how to take this forward.

Following are the proofs submitted to them from my end.

The car is in good condition clearly seen in the footage as of Aug 23

The car turned around with the hope that it might mitigate rats venturing under the hood.

Proof of car being as is as on Aug 25

Aug 26: Watch the last 13 mins of the video where the neighbours rush to see the car and later I walk down to access the damage and use a car cover to cover the car.

Video recorded on the phone before moving the car inside the building.

The car being moved inside the building to prevent water ingress and further interior damage.

If any more details are required from my end, I shall share them. If an email trail is needed I shall share them personally.

Kindly help me solve this and not let them wiggle away.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

To date, I have never heard a single good thing about GoDigit, other than their cheap pricing. Guess you get what you pay for. Am circulating this thread among some people I know. Hopefully, it gets you a resolution.

Here’s what BHPian Agarwal_Aayush had to say on the matter:

So sorry to hear about the issue that you have been facing. I feel they are giving only 3rd party in order to get away with the claim that you are going to make for the damage incurred, I do not see any other valid reason for not giving you the comprehensive insurance.

For firsts, you can write an email stating if the issue does not get resolved within the “timeframe under which you want it to be resolved”, you will be taking this up with IRDAI.
This mail itself will ring some bells up and down the company’s grievance department.

If still they don’t respond, please raise a complaint with IRDAI, they will be bound by the IRDAI to a response in a given time.

Also, you can try searching for the CEO’s email ID and mark the mail to him/her sharing the first-hand experience of how the customers are being handled.

You can also raise the concern on Twitter by tagging the company and sharing the dismal service they have been providing.

I sent an email to the CEO and tagged the company on Twitter sharing the problems I had been facing in getting Mutual Funds units transferred and I had my issues resolved within 2 days, which I had been following up on for more than a month and was being given new resolution dates for the closure of the issue every time I called.

Here’s what BHPian kovilkalai had to say on the matter:

My experience with Digit claims is ongoing. During the Bangalore floods, both my cars got flooded and both of them are insured by Digit. As soon as I noticed that my cars are flooded, I called up Digit and informed them. They told me that I have to fill out an online survey and take pictures of each flooded car and upload them using the link they would send.

When I clicked on the link the sent, it asked me to enable location access on Safari and despite doing that, the link didn’t work at all. After 4-5 calls and several new links, I was told that I was the only customer who had this problem. I told them that if they appointed a surveyor right away, he/she could come and take his/her own pictures. They told me that completion of the online survey was a necessary step and that they can’t appoint the surveyor. No logical argument worked – I even offered to get on a video to show them that the app doesn’t work.

2 days go by in this standoff and I had to move my cars because further flooding was predicted – this causes further complications in insurance claims. So, I got my cars towed to their respective brand service station. Finally, out of exasperation, I reached out to a friend of mine who knew someone senior in Digit and finally, a surveyor was appointed.

The process is moving very slowly. The estimate for one of my cars came in 9 days ago and I still haven’t heard from Digit (it is a total loss).

All in all, very poor experience

Here’s what BHPian ninjatalli had to say on the matter:

Here’s an alternative way that I used for transferring my car’s existing owner’s TATA AIG insurance when the process was not moving ahead for over 2 weeks. Similar stage as yours but without any accidents.

  1. Figure out the CEO’s email id and send a nice detailed email explaining all that’s happened with proof and asking for a resolution. Keep the relevant staff, especially the customer-facing division head in cc.
  2. In my case, within 24 hours, a senior leader was allocated to me and fast-tracked the case to resolution within the next 24 hours. Also in parallel, the executive assistant of the CEO was following up and called me again after I got the certificate to confirm the same.

You already have the email format of the company’s email domain. Send a polite mail to the CEO and see how it goes ahead.

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