Goodwood to honour ‘Masterminds of Motorsport’

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By Sponsored / Monday, February 28, 2022

You know 2022 is properly underway, and winter well and truly done with, when we can start talking about Goodwood events again. Nothing says summer (for a car fan, at least) quite like the Festival of Speed, and it’s now been confirmed exactly what they’ll be celebrating come the end of June. The 2022 Festival of Speed core theme will be ‘The Innovators – Masterminds of Motorsport.’

To that end, the four-day festival will celebrate the innovations that have seen motorsport take huge strides forward over the decades. It will be dedicated to both the people and the machines that have advanced racing cars over the past century and a bit, which sounds as laudable a theme as its’s possible to get.

Goodwood says this year’s FOS “will focus on the human stories of engineering ingenuity that have been ever-present throughout the sport’s history, and shine a light on the future, as motorsport’s visionaries play an essential role in pioneering new technologies that will impact the next generation of motion and mobility.”

That’s right; more than just classic racing cars and drivers scorching up the hill, the 2022 Festival of Speed will have a strong future-focused aspect. Indeed, we’re told to expect “a glimpse at the technology of tomorrow, set against the context of history”, with the Future Lab and Electric Avenue giving festival-goers a look at autonomy, electrification and even personal flight as transport options for the years to come. So, whatever period of automotive takes your interest, there’ll be something to see at this year’s FOS.

The Duke of Richmond said: “This year’s Festival theme – ‘The Innovators – Masterminds of Motorsport’ – allows us to celebrate some of the greatest achievements in history, while also highlighting the event’s evolving focus on future technology. Just as race-inspired innovations such as four-valve engines, monocoque chassis and turbocharging have shaped the past and present of the cars we drive in the real world, so electrification, autonomy and other new technologies – the development of which is accelerated by the white heat of competition – will have a profound effect on the future of personal mobility. The Festival of Speed is the only place in the world to bring all these stories together in one place, celebrating the past, present and future in a uniquely immersive, dynamic way.”

Tickets for the 2022 Festival of Speed are now limited, priced from £44 for the Thursday to £73 for either of the weekend days. There’s an incentive to move fast, too, as that’s with the VAT currently at 12.5 per cent – a higher price will be charged from April 1st. And this doesn’t sound like a Festival of Speed to miss…

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