Hail to the Long Haulers Hail to the Long Haulers! Rain Falls on Day 6 of Hot Rod Power Tour 2019

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It has been a nearly a weather-free Hot Rod Power Tour, however, Mother Nature had other plans on day six as the parade entered Fort Wayne, Indiana. Upon arrival the rain and breeze began to kick up with cars still pulling in to get good parking. A gentle breeze became wind and sprinkles became rain and people hunkered down in the either their cars or the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

The weather kept most spectators and single-day visitors away, but the Long Haulers still rolled through the parking lot to get their stamp. So near the end, this hardcore bunch of people wasn’t going to let a little water stop them from making the stop and getting their plaque at the end of the week. A few equally die-hard spectators braved the weather to see what was left of the cars, vendors and stage, clad is bright plastic rain gear and squeezed under umbrellas.

The cars all looked amazing under the high gloss of rain water. Those with paint looked like they just rolled out of the paint booth and the patina cars popped like handfuls of gemstones under bright light. The night’s accommodation was quickly overrun by those seeking shelter before rooms were ready. The bar filled up like the parking lot as everyone waited out the rain, and once it cleared up, people emerged, and burnouts began with the Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 RV as the backdrop Our journey ends in Norwalk, Ohio at Summit Motorsports Park with sunny weather in the forecast.


FAQs and more information about the 25th anniversary event.

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