Heart vs mind: Buy the Jeep Compass or get the Toyota Hyryder instead?

The OTR price difference between the two comes to around Rs. 10L.

BHPian yashg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I finally took the test drive of a new Jeep Compass petrol automatic yesterday. And I also checked out the Toyota HyRyder in the showroom. I am planning on booking one of them this week. I started my search in the beginning of this year, around the time I joined this forum and have narrowed down to these two. Why and how I shortlisted these two and why I discarded others is something I will write about in the ownership review when I get a new car.

Right now I need to decide which one to go for. It’s a mind vs heart decision really. HyRyder is the more sensible choice. The heart aches for the Compass.

Jeep Compass


  • Brand
  • Build quality
  • Ride quality
  • Better sunroof liner


  • Abysmal fuel economy
  • Not VFM (wife thinks it’s not worth paying that kind of money for such a small car)

I found the 1.3 petrol to be adequate for my use. I am not an “enthusiastic” driver. Although it slow to pick up even compared to my Aspire which has 1.5L NA engine, once upto speed, it drives rather well for my use. I can live with it.

Toyota HyRyder


  • Amazing fuel economy
  • Toyota reliability


  • It’s essentially a Maruti, elongated Brezza if you will
  • Flimsy sunroof liner
  • Boot space

Boot space although small, looks about the same as my current Aspire. It can fit 3 cabin sized bags and a couple of backpacks with some adjustments and removing the parcel tray. After seeing it in person, boot space is not that big of a deal breaker. The sunroof liner is another story. It’s a fishing net! It’s so flimsy. SA told me even S-Class has similar liner. But I am not in the market for an S-Class boss. The scorching Mumbai Sun will make the car an oven.

I am yet to test drive the HyRyder, but I guess it will drive OK. I don’t know how stable it will be compared to the Compass, which was rock solid.

The conundrum

I have been infatuated with Compass for a long time. The badge has snob value. I love how it looks. Despite of recently reported QC issues, the heart wants for a Compass. HyRyder is no slouch either. It offers amazing fuel economy and matches Compass feature to feature except a few like rain sensing vipers, dual zone AC and electronic seat adjustments but offers some of its own like an HUD, puddle lamp etc. Compass is although a better car between the two with regards to overall package and brand value.

I am considering top models in both. Compass Model S petrol DCT vs HyRyder strong hybrid V. The OTR difference between the two is 10 Lakhs in Mumbai.

So, my fellow BHPians, what would YOU choose between these two? Would you go with the heart and get the Compass or save the dough and get a more practical hybrid with the famed Toyota reliability?

Here’s what BHPian ajayc123 had to say on the matter:

If you are tilting towards a strong hybrid, and not too choosy about the SUV form factor, I would suggest you look at the Honda City Hybrid, as well.

Here’s what BHPian javelin had to say on the matter:

Cross segment shopping is common, I am in a similar boat. After having dedicated many hours on deciding the next big buy, the two cars which you mentioned are in my shortlist too. My idea was to buy something which is very close to value luxury in 20-30lacs bracket. I have taken liberty to add a couple more sedan options.

The shortlist :

1. Jeep Compass Diesel Manual.

  • I will put my money in the diesel powertrain and enjoy the tried and tested diesel engine for the next 10 years.
  • The pinch of paying a premium for petrol every time at the petrol pump is simply too hard

2. Skoda Octavia Style.

  • It is the most value luxury with a stupendous engine.
  • The only drawback is missing ventilated seats and low GC IMO.

3. Virtus GT or Slavia1.5 (not value luxury)

  • Good boot
  • Good GC
  • Awesome engine
  • Interiors a little meh or should i say cost cutting is evident.

4. Toyota Hyryder Hybrid (elongated Brezza, as you said)

  • It is clear that powertrain is sufficient for a sedate driver. But can you compromise on the interior quality?
  • Sorely miss the Skoda Karoq.

Finally find a car which you can make peace with. I know, easier said than done.

All the best for future purchase.

Here’s what BHPian Maverick1977 had to say on the matter:

Honestly, if you have the budget just go for the Jeep Compass eyes wide shut. Drive both on an open road and you will immediately realise where the extra 1 Mio is going. The Jeep Compass may have teething issues but trust me once they are past you the fun will just not end. In the city too, the Jeep is no slouch, you will have to get used to the gearbox especially if you are coming from a manual. I can vouch because I drive a manual and an automatic on alternate days. The manual is just too much fun compared to the automatic. But as soon as I hit Mumbai traffic, which is 100 meters from home, I immediately start yearning for the automatic.

Here’s what BHPian kvk had to say on the matter:

Faced a similar choice a month or so ago. Here’s what I have done: I am upgrading from a Honda City (4th Gen) for my second vehicle which I drive around town and occasionally out of town. Main reason for change was wanting a higher seated vehicle – getting old and sitting in a sedan is taking a toll on the body on longer drives. Initially booked the Compass Petrol S end August this year, took a test drive – didn’t find the lack of power in the petrol to be an issue for me (sedate driver, rarely drive > 100 kmph on highways) and signed the contract. Delivery was promised 4-6 weeks later. Meanwhile, the several reports about various issues with the car on this forum, poor after sales support from Jeep etc. started grinding on me and through this waiting process I realized how much fuss free ownership meant to me which I had not adequately factored into my decision earlier (for info: my other car is a 2017 Innova Crysta V which is primarily driver driven). I cancelled the booking early September.

That’s when I started looking at the Hyryder seriously. Main concerns from the reviews were the boot space and power. Power (or lack of it) as mentioned earlier, was not a major concern. Boot space was but given that 90% of the time its going to be at most two people in the car (wife and me), that too was not a deal breaker even for out station trips. Booked the strong Hybrid V early September. Saw the demo car couple of weeks ago, boot space concern was further alleviated – took my golf bag and trolley along and they fit, with space for a carry-on and a backpack to spare. Test drove the car this morning (city drive only, no highway as there is only one TD vehicle. Longer, highway drive promised next week). Didn’t find power to be a concern (we were 4 people in the car), although it was a short drive, it was first thing in the morning, streets were not busy so I was able to push the vehicle a bit and didn’t sense any lack of power for my style of driving. I don’t expect the highway drive to change my decision. I was told deliveries will begin late October (20th ish).

I didn’t seriously look at Hyundais and Kias although I test drive the Alcazar and found it to be too big for what I need.

Here’s what BHPian mav457 had to say on the matter:

If the conundrum was between the Jeep Compass Diesel and Urban Hyrder Strong Hybrid, it would be a classic case of heart vs mind. And most would have asked you to go with your heart.

But the Jeep Compass petrol AT has been a huge let down from the city driving perspective. This coming from a person who was allotted the first silver Compass at launch when On Road Mumbai price was 21 lacs. I think now it’s close to 27 lacs.

Not that the Urban Hyrder is anywhere close to being the complete package, but seems to a great ride from most TeamBHP members who have been able to get the test drives.

But mind you don’t get carried away by the resale value of a Toyota. Toyota Innovas command a great resale value, all other models struggle.

You can keep using the vehicle for years to com3 but resale does not get you anywhere close to a MSIL vehicle.

So Urban Hyrder would be my choice till I am ready to splurge on the likes of a Tiguan.

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