How I accidentally discovered a cool feature in my Mahindra XUV700

While I was playing around with the settings, I touched the middle portion of the screen and voila!

BHPian abirnale recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

There is always something to discover in the car: see the video above.

It was an accidental discovery. I wanted to set the SVR settings such that I can always see the relevant camera (Front or rear depending on the direction I am slotting the gears for) and all & be able to see the middle digitally stitched surround view.

While I was fiddling with the settings, I touched the middle portion of the screen where the car’s surround image is rendered – if I touched the front of the car, the front cam will come up on the left side. When I touched the sides or rear, the relevant camera feed appeared on the left side of the screen!

That was actually a cool thing – just that there was no visual clue that I should have picked up earlier! I mean it’s a touchscreen so touch inputs are expected but without a button, word/link or something, our brain is only tuned for pinch zoom in and zoom out, scroll! I never thought I could switch between camera feeds by just doing what I did in the video above.

The silly part is – when Google maps show up on the screen during Apple CarPlay, it doesn’t allow the normal zoom in and zoom out using simple touch inputs we do usually – pinch in or pinch out using two fingers. Is it the same for Android Auto too?

I try hard to know what logic is being used for designing these interfaces or what must be the rationale for doing it this way. Small things that really matter or make you feel good about. This is the difference between being better and the best in what you do.

And yes, there is no cure for some disconnections of Apple CarPlay or the blinking ESP signs on the speed breakers. According to M&M (via MASS), this is “normal”.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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