How I maintain my 22 years Royal Enfield Electra with 1.27L km on odo

The best part now, the bike starts within a few kicks on a cold engine.

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Got the bike fully serviced last week after more than a year. The last oil service was done in April last year and although the bike had run just 2k km since it felt rough and coarse to ride, especially after an airport ride I did a few weeks back in which I was pushing the bike to maintain around 80 km/h.

I gave the bike this time to another known mechanic whom I used to visit for small work years ago. He moved his workshop further away from where it was and since it was far for me to collect it on a weekday, it remained there for a week and I was in no hurry either.

He did a good job overall. Engine oil change, clutch oil and gearbox grease/oil change. The GB grease/oil mix hadn’t been replaced in a while and it made a huge difference after I rode the bike. The reason I visited him was that the gears weren’t shifting smoothly and felt like the clutch wasn’t engaging fully. I had to shift to the false neutral and shift once again to get the gear engaged, especially when upshifting. He had to open the GB casing to check what was wrong and some links were loose and the bolts holding the clutch plates were loose as well.

The carb was cleaned as well. The best part now, the bike starts within a few kicks on a cold engine. Everything else was fine and didn’t require any replacements. The chain rubbing noise still persists, but has reduced considerably and will go away once I replace the sprocket set. This issue started when I got them replaced last year due to improper fitting or a quality issue. The rear brakes used to stick after leaving the bike idle for a few days, again due to improper fitting which was fixed as well.

The bike has run 1,27,800 km.

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