Hulkish Hue Named 2021 Color Of The Year

We like it.

Axalta, one of the world’s largest companies in the coatings industry, has just announced its Automotive Color of the Year winner. While white, black, grey, and silver remain the most popular new car colors according to the same company, something very different takes the crown for the year 2021. But we’ll let Axalta explain more.

The company’s Automotive Color of the Year is the so-called ElectroLight. It is “an expressively refreshing green-yellow hue with inspired bold, contemporary flavors that echo style, energy, and flair.” This doesn’t really tell a lot but admittedly, it’s the color of the new era of electrified vehicles.

Axalta says this color blends elements from the sporty design with functional performance and “offers great versatility when combined with two-tone charcoal color accents or matte finishes on a variety of mobility solutions.” This seems to be a pretty specific combination in which the hue shows its full potential but more importantly, it is highly visible to radar systems and is easily transmissible by radio detection.

Obviously, the ElectroLight is not a popular choice among customers yet. But if we take a look at some of the more exotic manufacturers, it already exists in one form or another. Take for example the so-called Verde Mantis green used Lamborghini. Porsche has the Mamba Green from its Porsche Exclusive catalog, while Audi’s Apple Green Metallic is also very close to Axalta’s favorite color for 2021.

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“Our 2021 color evokes sustainability, happiness and safety,” the specialists say. “ElectroLight is at the forefront of today’s color trends, while anticipating emerging technology advances. Consumers are looking for a breakout color and ElectroLight manifests this, while bringing a progressive approach to automotive styling and design.”

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