Hyundai confirms Ioniq 6 UK pricing

The First Editions went in less than 24 hours – here's what the rest of the streamliner range will cost

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 8 December 2022 / Loading comments

Not so long ago, the notion of Hyundai EV pricing on PH would have seemed farcical. But that was before the Ioniq 5, before concepts like the RN22e and before all the Ioniq 6 First Editions were reserved in less than a day. Yes, really. There’s clearly more interest in Hyundai’s electric cars than ever before, so here we are.

In the UK, the Ioniq 6 line up will look familiar to those that know about the Ioniq 5, although this model does without the entry-level 170hp motor. The range instead kicks off with the 228hp, rear-wheel drive Premium, at £46,745. That spec brings 20-inch wheels, a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and LED lights. There’s an Ultimate available, too, priced from £50,245 for the 228hp version and adding the relaxation seats (that recline for a snooze while charging), Bose audio, a sunroof, eco-leather seats and a head-up display.

Both those trim levels (even if nobody will call them that) are available with the 325hp output and all-wheel drive, though every Ioniq 6 is powered by the 77.4kWh battery. With 446lb ft as well, the more powerful 6s slash the 0-62mph time from 7.4 seconds to just 5.1. Top speed is the same for all, at 115mph.

Needless to say, there’s a premium to pay for this additional performance, with a 325hp Premium costing the same as a 228hp Ultimate (£50,245) and the flagship Ultimate coming in at £53,745. That’s comparable with an Ioniq 5, which is £53,150 in the same spec.

As is the irritating fashion nowadays, just one standard colour will be offered to Ioniq 6 buyers – the Byte Blue Pearl. Everything else, from Abyss Black to Digital Green and Ultimate Red to Gravity Gold, costs another £585. Additional options include the £995 digital side mirrors and a vehicle-to-load adapter, available from the dealer for £375 so your Ioniq can charge other devices. The 6 will also be the first Hyundai to offer over-the-air software updates, to ‘provide a safer and more convenient driving experience, without the need to visit a Hyundai service centre.’

All sounds jolly good, so let’s hope that orders aren’t too badly affected by the delays still affecting the industry. A 6 will likely be a safe place for your money even if there is a wait – still can’t get a 5 for less than £40k…

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