Hyundai Grand i10 Nios 1.0L Turbo: 5 months & 3000 Km update

All in all I don’t miss my Maruti Swift, except for the 7000rpm redline maybe.

BHPian MartinVirage recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

5 Month Update – 3000 kms

  • The Car is a breath of fresh air. Driving it on open roads is a hoot. It felt overpowered before, but now it seems – this is perfect for this car.
  • It hates being confined to the city. It hates the speed breakers and pottering around the city at low speeds. The small size is a boon to park and drive in the streets of Pune.
  • Suspension setup is a bit weird – it is sporty-stiff in some cases and becomes extremely spongy on loading. Might try and add a spring buffer in the future – it helps in some vehicles from what I have heard. As my early review stated, massively under-tired and hard Goodyears. Bad for the ride, but luckily no damage on Pune’s atrocious roads.
  • All in all I don’t miss My Swift – except maybe for the 7000rpm redline (which I never touched TBH )
  • First Service was carried out in March. Terrible washing. Only parameters were checked and noted down. Car was returned – No charge.
  • Do Note: These GDi’s do need the XP95 diet. You can feel the difference.
  • The Aqua Teal green is hard to maintain and an extremely common colour.

I have attached a few pictures below of the car and a trip to Tamhini – Alibaug recently.

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