Installed Sonilex SL DVR1514 dashcam on my 2012 Ford Figo: Pros & cons

Since my car will be scraped in 5 years, I didn’t go for the 70mai Pro Plus+ or Viofo A129 Duo, as the head didn’t want to spend that much.

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I have a 2012 Ford Figo. The minimalist in me didn’t go for any modifications or accessories but, lately, since I’ve started making regular cross-country runs, I thought a dashcam makes sense.

However, the car is a 2012 model. Another 5 years and I’ll have to scrap it. So, even though the heart was leaning towards either 70mai Pro Plus+ or Viofo A129 Duo, the head didn’t want to spend that much. Also, I hadn’t been able to locate a workshop at Bhubaneswar (it’s a new city for me) who would install either 70mai or Viofo if I got it delivered through Amazon. And I myself lack the expertise for a DIY for a dashcam.

So, ultimately, I had to settle for what the car accessories shop was offering me. (It was a shop that was recco-ed by the Ford ASC people, unofficially of course).

That’s how I ended up with Sonilex SL-DVR1514. Got it installed 2 days ago. Product cost 8500/- + labour 300/-


  • Low cost.
  • Captures are in 1-minute slices, so when the memory is full and overwriting begins, you lose the oldest 1-min clip.
  • Fair enough video quality of the front camera.


  • License plates can’t be read.
  • Poor video quality of the rear camera.

I’m sharing two screenshots, one of the front camera and the other of the rear, so that you all can judge for yourself. (Couldn’t upload videos):

Since the reason for getting a dashcam was mental peace in case of any untoward incident, I am hoping this kind of picture quality will be some help. However, I wouldn’t recommend this dashcam to anyone else.

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