It'll Be Years Before The New 'R36' Nissan GT-R Arrives

Nissan - It'll Be Years Before The New 'R36' Nissan GT-R Arrives - News

Remember the Nissan Vision Gran Turismo concept? Upon its release, we studied its aggressive flanks in the knowledge that the next GT-R would take styling inspiration from the concept. That ‘R36’ GT-R was thought to be in the works and arriving soon-ish, but fast forward five years, and the R35 is still here, getting older and more expensive.

A replacement is far from imminent. The R36 is still only in the discussion phase, with Nissan yet to decide if the car will be hybrid or fully electric, Motoring reports. Speaking to the publication, GT-R programme chief Hiroshi Tamura dropped a few hints as to where the next GT-R’s journey is at right now. “I have it in my mind, but not for outside. So nobody knows. I cannot tell you,” he said, adding, “But I can say, imagining for a next-generation [GT-R] is already in a chat. Talking about the solutions.”

Even though Tamura-san isn’t revealing a whole lot at this stage, it’s pretty clear that we won’t be seeing a production car for years. So does that mean the world will be left GT-R-less once the R35 stops being made? Not necessarily.

Nissan - It'll Be Years Before The New 'R36' Nissan GT-R Arrives - News

Pointing out that the R32, R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R generations were pretty much the same cars underneath, Tamura-san reckons the R35 could have a 20-year run. “Yes, R35 is long [as in old]. But for model year 2017 it is almost a new body shape. The body is technology,” he said.

The R35’s production life may be stretched far enough that it’ll go off sale not long before the R36 arrives in showrooms. The only trouble for Tamura-san, who’s 58, is that it’ll come after a mandatory retirement age of 60. He’ll be calling the shots early in the next car’s life, before passing the baton on to someone else. We can’t wait to see the GT-R legacy he leaves behind.

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