Lamborghini Built A VIP Club House In NYC And We Want To Come Play

Sadly, access to the Lamborghini Lounge is invitation-only.

You can find some kind of exclusive, members-only hotspot in every city on Earth. Some are more exclusive than others, and we suspect this ultra-cool Lambo hangout falls into that category. We say suspect because the Italian supercar brand doesn’t tell us exactly what it takes to visit its new Lamborghini Lounge in New York City, save for it being by invitation only. We’re assuming our invitations are still in the mail. Yeah, probably not.

For the 99 percent of folks who’ll never pass through the door, here’s what you’re missing. The Lamborghini Lounge NYC is located on Manhattan’s west side in the Chelsea district, and it’s not just a room with some supercar art and a V12 coffee table. The two-story, 5,400-square-foot venue is filled with various rooms for private meetings or other functions and features a full-service kitchen with an Italian chef on call. There’s a design studio where Lamborghini customers can spec-up their latest purchase. And of course it’s filled with art and other memorabilia that reflects the Lamborghini lifestyle.

Gallery: Lamborghini Exclusive NYC Lounge

“We are opening the doors to a private space our customers and friends can call their own with exclusive access,” said Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann. “Following the success of our Lamborghini Lounge venues across the globe, this new flagship in Manhattan will create a vibrant and personal connection to share the Lamborghini lifestyle; a true reflection of our fine Italian heritage. I look forward to visiting our Lamborghini customers and friends in New York soon.”

In addition to being a too-cool-for-you destination for one-percenters, Lamborghini will use its New York lounge for special events. As an example, the new Huracan STO makes its New York debut at the exclusive location, giving its A-list clientele a special first-look at the road-going version of the Super Trofeo EVO. Lamborghini will also partner with other brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Italian furniture company Living Divani to bring added ambiance to the super-exclusive locale, as if kicking back on a comfy sofa with a supercar next to you wasn’t good enough already.

The Lamborghini Lounge NYC is now open, but as previously stated, you’ll need an invitation to stop in for a visit. Time to start calling in a few favors so we can get on the guest list.



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