Listen to the midengine Corvette in this spy video

We’re about a month away from seeing the next-generation Corvette in the flesh, which means the folks at Chevrolet are going to be road-testing these as much as possible to shake out any major problems. That also means that there’s going to be a sharp increase in the number of public sightings of the fully camouflaged C8 Corvette.


Example: This C8 ‘Vette tester was buzzing along when YouTuber Knustylz Kustomz spotted the hard-to-miss Chevy. The Corvette turns to make a Michigan left, which reveals its LED brake lights. Instead of turning, the driver heads straight into a parking lot, likely hoping to shake the person filming.

While in the parking lot, you can see that the camouflage team at Chevy have done a great job hiding the ‘Vette’s features. The nose is almost completely obstructed by extra material, which leads us to believe the side scoops have also been reshaped to hide their, well, shape. The wing might hint at this being a more potent version of the Corvette than we saw recently, too.


Eventually, the Corvette driver leaves the parking lot and we hear the raspy exhaust note of the upcoming car. The driver keeps the revs down, obviously trying to disguise as much as possible since someone was filming him. That means we don’t get a shrieking fly-by at full song, but we still get a small taste of what to come from the Corvette.


Check out the video above.

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