Lower Door Patch Panel Fabrication for a 1940 Ford Coupe – Hot Rod

Let’s face it. Building a hot rod is as much an act of restoration as it is customization. You can’t pull the body off the chassis without making it structurally sound, you can’t gap the doors without repairing the cancer in the door pillars, and you can’t do much of anything before those rotted-out floors and sills are repaired. Such was the case when we started working on our ’40 Ford coupe.

The lower 3 inches were rotten, and the inner and outer skins were effectively rusted apart. As is they would provide little structural integrity to the body. So it was decided that the first item on the list to repair would be the doors. To do this, we ordered up a pair of door bottom patch panel kits from Mac’s Antique Auto Parts and set out slicing and dicing. Once installed, our doors will be as sturdy as new and allow us to remove the body from the stock chassis without it folding like a tin can.

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