Malaysian P-hailing riders association wants career development funds for entrepreneurship training –

The Malaysian P-Hailing Riders Association (Penghantar) is asking for the RM42 million allocation for the Career Development Programme to be used towards establishing programmes related to entrepreneurship training, in order for the association’s members to ensure their future, Bernama has reported.

The initiative is important because the majority of those involved in the p-hailing industry are youths of the B40 demographic, who need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills so that they may not have to remain as delivery riders, said Penghantar president Zulhelmi Mansor.

“We do not deny that the gig and p-hailing industry can ensure their future if it is improved. However, we should also help them expand their knowledge and experience with proper programmes. For example, many Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate holders are now more attracted to becoming gig economy workers instead of continuing their studies at a higher level,” Zulhelmi said.

These p-hailing riders cannot be faulted for this, Zulhelmi continued, as their choice of taking the delivery rider path was due to the unstable economy both locally in Malaysia as well as abroad, and from considering the factor of salaries against the cost of living, he continued.

“We hope the aid announced by the government can be channelled to other skills programmes, which may help us produce entrepreneurs from [the p-hailing worker segment],” the association president told Bernama.

The RM42 million allocation for the Career Development Programme was announced by prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, for persons working in the informal sector which includes gig economy workers.

Meanwhile, Bernama also reported on a government guarantee for a RM100 million allocation this year towards an 80% grant for financing the Social Security Organisation (Socso) contributions of gig workers.

Penghantar president Zulhelmi suggested that p-hailing companies ensure every rider is registered and has active contributions to the social protection scheme for the self-employed (SKSPS), so that they would be covered against untoward incidents.

“If they don’t have SKSPS contributions or if contributions are inactive, the p-hailing operators (PHOs) should temporarily suspend the p-hailing riders’ ID and ensure that they have work disaster social protection for the sake of their own welfare and their dependents’. And if p-hailing riders are confirmed to be without SKSPS contributions or if their contributions are inactive, the PHO should face action,” he said.

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