Manhart reveals one-off MH5 GTR

BMW M5 CS not awesome enough? Manhart's built one with almost 800hp…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, August 25, 2021 / Loading comments

Price aside, it’s hard to think of many significant gripes with the BMW M5 CS. It’s better to drive, more comfortable and better looking than an M5 Competition, after all. Which was already about as good as supersaloons got. But, as almost every week serves to remind us, sometimes being the best just doesn’t cut it; which is how you end up with the Manhart MH5 GTR.

Consider this like the V8 version of the MH2 GTR seen earlier in the year. That was based on the M2 CS, this is based on the M5 CS. There was only one MH2 GTR, and this MH5 will be unique as well. The smaller car had a ludicrous power increase for an already very fast car, too, so guess what’s happened here…

This BMW M5 has 788hp. Alongside 690lb ft (or 137lb ft more than standard), Manhart reckons the MH5 GTR will… actually, we don’t know. Presumably they’ve been too scared to try it out. But expect a tenth or two off the three-second 0-62mph dash, and an even more ferocious surge to 189mph. Naturally, there’s an uprated exhaust fitted, which will be available as a separate option for those wishing to tweak their CS to a little less than GTR levels.

Additional modifications for the MH5 includes adjustable KW suspension, forged 21-inch wheels and a ‘Moonlight’ wrap, described as “a film dress shimmering in silky dark blue”. Perhaps that’s true, but maybe there was a reason BMW didn’t offer blue as an M5 CS colour from the beginning. The gold accents have been binned in favour of grey Manhart accents, which also seems a bit of a pity.

Not that Manhart will care a jot, because there’s probably a buyer for the MH5 GTR lined up already. And if there isn’t, there surely will be once the IAA Munich crowds have seen it next month. Finally, though the MH5 will remain a one-off, it also serves as a rolling catalogue for all that’s offered for the CS – everything seen here is available individually. And don’t pretend you aren’t a bit intrigued by almost 800hp…

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