Master Blaster’s garage: Sachin Tendulkar’s car collection

A lot of BMWs occupy the garage. Sachin has had a few supercars as well in his collection.

One of the most famous and celebrated cricketers of all time, Sachin Tendulkar loves his cars. His choices show that the man is quite a petrolhead. Since he was the brand ambassador of BMW, you’ll find a lot of cars from the German marque in his garage.

Maruti 800

Like most of us, Tendulkar started with a humble 800. It is said that he is looking for the same car now and has asked fans to help him trace the owner and get it back. IMHO though, the car is mostly likely scrapped & R.I.P.

Maruti Esteem

The Esteem was the Octavia vRS of its time! Nice colour, matching shirt & registration number!

Fiat Palio S10

Sachin was the brand ambassador of Fiat, and the Italian car maker made a special edition of the 1.6L Palio called the S10 (link to a BHPian’s restored machine). This limited edition car had Sachin’s autograph on the bonnet.

Volvo S80

The Master Blaster was handed over the keys to a Volvo S80, after he won a Man of the Series Award.

Audi Q7

Just like many other celebrities, Sachin’s garage had an Audi Q7 too. This particular example, finished in blue, came with a 4.2L diesel engine.

Ferrari 360

This red 360 was gifted to Sachin for scoring his 29th Test hundred – drawing level with Don Bradman. It resulted in quite a controversy due to the demand for an import duty waiver, and also attracted a lot of Twitterati attention when he sold it to a Surat-based businessman.

BMW X5 M50d

The X5 M50d from this generation was never sold in India. It was imported by BMW for Sachin. The SUV was recently seen on sale on Team-BHP’s Classifieds section.


Sachin had this maroon-coloured E60 M5 with a screaming V10 engine. This generation of the M5 gained an iconic reputation for the V10 under the hood, but it was also the most unreliable. E60 M5s on sale in India don’t move for 2 – 3 years, no takers! The car was later replaced with the…….

BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition

What a stunning choice of colour!!! The 30 Jahre Edition of the F10 M5 was built to celebrate 30 years of the M5. It was limited to 300 units.

Nissan GT-R Egoist Edition

Told you the man knows his cars. Sachin replaced the Ferrari with a GT-R Egoist Edition, an Italian supercar-killer. The Egoist edition was introduced as the “luxury” version of the GT-R. Only 43 were built and this is the only one in the country. The car is said to have been sold to a BHPian.

Mercedes C36 AMG

Sachin owned a W202 Mercedes C36 AMG. A BHPian posted that the car crashed badly in the 90s and had been totalled.

BMW 530d

No 520d for this petrolhead, he had to buy the 6-cylinder variant. Blackened grille shows taste & attention-to-detail.

BMW 750Li M Sport Individual

Just look at that smile! While the top-end 760Li gets a twin-turbo 6.6L V12 engine, the 750Li gets a more practical twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine with ~450 BHP on tap.


This is the third-gen (F15) BMW X5. The high-performance X5 also has a 4.4L V8 and a 0-100 km/h time of just 4.2 seconds.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

I must say this is one of my favourite variants of the M6. One of the best looking cars BMW has ever made IMHO. Timeless styling, and the perfect colour to show all the subtle design highlights (dark colours conceal the finer cuts & creases).

BMW M760Li

The cricketer has had various 7-Series sedans in his garage; this is the latest one. Some of his earlier cars had a special ‘ST’ logo. Looks mad with the dechroming, black grille, black rims & black tinted glasses.

BMW i8

Initially finished in white, Sachin’s i8 was custom-painted in red and later got this widebody kit. It even has 4 fake exhausts at the back (YUCK).

1900 Daimler

During the ICC Cricket World Cup, Sachin tried his hands on the 1900 Daimler owned by the Royal Automobile Club.


You know Sachin is a car guy when you see him enjoying like this. The Caterham 7 is said to be the fastest R500 variant of the track car.

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