Minute details of my Virtus that I noticed on the 1st day of ownership

The headlight design is similar to the Vento. It is just sleeker & has a slightly different outer profile.

BHPian raycers_honda recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A few observations on my first day of ownership with the Virtus. Do note that this is the 1.0 litre Highline variant.

VW branded valve cap.

I was quite impressed to know that this variant comes with anti-theft wheel bolts.

Wonder what these vents are for? Probably for aerodynamics.

Notice the thin, barely visible line on the headlamp. I am guessing these are there to spread and reflect the light from the headlight bulb in the right direction to allow the best beam of light available.

Alarm Indicator. When locked emits red blinking light. It is bright at night which might cause it to attract some unwanted attention.

A close look at the stitch detail for the artificial leather-wrapped steering. The steering feels good to hold.

VW logo on the steering. Textured horn pad is nice to touch. But awful sounding horn.

Notice the finishing on the stalks. Vento felt more premium and felt nice to touch.

Overall fit and finish of the steering wheel is great. Looks good too. The size is just perfect.

I guess this is where the key fob sensor is placed. Also, notice the uneven gaps in the cover of the steering wheel casing.

Driver side view under the dash.

Front air dam grill gaps could have been smaller considering our road conditions.

Fog lamps. They now call it “static cornering fog lamps”.

Similar headlight design language as the Vento. Just sleeker and with the outer profile a bit changed. This Highline variant does come with DRLs but just a basic straight line unlike the swooping lines of the performance line variant.

Economy grade wipers. Will soon upgrade to frameless wipers. Wonder why only the driver’s side gets the aero treatment? Well, found this on the net – “The reason you have it on the driver’s side and not the passenger side is twofold. a) You need to see better than your passenger. b) If you’ve ever driven past 80 mph with your wipers on (without the wind deflectors), you’ll see that the passenger side works fine and the driver’s side is sucking. I’m not sure why it is that way, but it is”.

The thick doors. Gives a decent thud on shutting.

Love the logo with the black treatment. Easy to clean since it’s one smooth surface.

The show stopper here is the tail lights. Beautifully designed and really adds to the overall stance of the car.

Love the black treatment and aftermarket-ish looks to the tail lamp cluster.

Notice in this image how they bulge out. I presume this is the first thing that would get damaged in the car.

Close resemblance to its big brother, Audi.

Average but yet thick sun visors for the driver and passenger sides.

Passenger side with the mirror.

AC vents in the open position.

AC vents in the closed position. Going by the quality used in the Vento which is prone to get damaged, one really has to be careful while adjusting these. They feel flimsy to use.

Namesake ambient lighting. Not at all visible during the day. And barely negligible at night.

Something different for the handbrake knob. Normally these are chrome but this is a refreshing change.

Deep center armrest box. Adjustable lid. Notice the mismatched lines where it meets the gear console panel.

Close up of the stitch pattern. Perfect smooth double piping detail.

Notice the felt line backing for the seat belt arrester.

Cupholders seem decently lined as well.

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