Mumbai: BEST to bring back iconic double decker buses

New double-decker buses could be seen on Mumbai roads in 2021.

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) has decided to procure 100 modern double-decker buses. The company has floated tenders for the acquisition of these buses on November 11 which will open on December 7.

The new buses will be powered by BS6 compliant diesel engines and get features like dual pneumatically closing doors, two staircases, CCTV, electronic destination display and a communication system for the driver and both the conductors (1 on each deck). The buses will have a seating capacity of 70 and will not have air-conditioning. These buses are expected to be equipped with automated manual transmissions (AMT).

The first BEST double-decker buses were introduced back in 1937. They quickly gained popularity amongst both commuters and tourists in the city. The fleet grew from 141 buses in 1947-1948 to 882 by 1993. However, today there are only 120 double-decker buses operational in a fleet of over 3,500 buses.


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