My 10-year-old Audi Q5: Re-register & use it in Bangalore or sell it?

With the SUV easily capable of running trouble-free for another 5 years, I can keep it until the EV era hits.

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Hi Team! Hope all of you are doing great.

Today I come before you with an impediment. My beloved 2012 Q5 has neared its age in Delhi and now I am hit with an option. Keep it and bring it to Bangalore, re-register to KA, facelift the entire thing, get some nice aftermarket wheels, an ECU tune and drive it peacefully OR sell it.

Now before all that, The car has had its niggles, in 10 years the car has been driven just 55k km and the biggest issue of the car came just yet because the car was parked on empty fuel for 4 months without starting, some problem with the high-pressure pump popped up and boom! Audi replaced the whole Fuel Management System and took a lot of big bucks for it too.

The car is running fine and they assured me it can be run for another 5 years without any trouble. Keep it until the EV era hits or sell it and get something for some time?

Need your opinions Team!

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

If you plan to live in KA, then it might be worth re-registering the car there. What would it cost? The Q5 is a great car and your ride is clearly kept well. Has low running too. Any true upgrade (i.e. luxury car) will cost you Rs 70+ lakhs new or Rs 30 – 40 lakhs in the used market. Would suggest you spruce up the car and continue using it for a few more years. It’s any way at the bottom of its depreciation curve at the 10-year mark.

Here’s what BHPian Cresterk had to say on the matter:

If your primary residence is in Karnataka and you will only be using it there, then it might be worth it, especially if you really really like the car. But if it is to be used in Delhi, I don’t believe it’s worth the hassle of taking all the way to Karnataka and re-registering it, especially considering how Karnataka and Kerala have one of the highest RTO taxes in India.

You might be better off just selling it to someone out of state and then buying a more recent used car so you can at least still have 0 dep insurance.

Here’s what BHPian shankar.balan had to say on the matter:

You have spent good money getting it up to shape and sadly you’ll have to sell it because of the rules in NCR. It is a foregone conclusion that the buyer won’t respect what you have spent on the vehicle or the love you have lavished on it.

Now yes, you’ll definitely need to spend money on re-registering it in KA but to my mind, it is still worth considering bringing it into KA and using it nicely until the world forces all of us to convert to EVs.

In fact, at that time, if there is a good solution available you can even consider a plug-and-play EV conversion.

I for one, definitely intend to explore this option at the appropriate juncture, in order to keep my beloved Maruti Gypsy on the road.

Here’s what BHPian OffRoadFun had to say on the matter:

Bringing it to KA and re-registering is not a big deal. As a Q5 owner (though 2.0TFSI), I can vouch these are reliable. If you enjoy driving this car, would recommend keeping it. These last for a couple of lakhs of km easily.

A similar upgrade will be around 80L plus in KA and of course, it will have many more features and tech. Now you need to see how much importance you attach to those and feel if it is worth that kind of money or not keeping in mind your low mileage.

Personally, I don’t think it is worth the upgrade and intend to keep my Q5 for more time.

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