My 2014 KTM Duke 390: Service & other ownership updates

Changed the battery, rear turn indicators and a few other updates, getting it ready for the next ride.

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A small update

Not much riding has been happening due to work and all, whenever I get time I take Tali out for a spin around the area or sometimes on the weekends I go for a small 60 km ride in the city early in the morning or late at night, at times I hoon and sometimes calmly. But it did throw some tantrums recently, so got those tantrums sorted out, first thing was to get the battery changed as it had become 2 years and started showing signs of weakness. Prices of batteries have increased.

Old battery coming out

And before anybody says anything, I got the indicators replaced, I was contemplating whether to get them changed or feviquik it

Battery out

New one in

A little more expensive now

Secondly, it was time to head over to the KTM SVC to get a fresh pair of indicators. I have been pretty careful with the indicators in the 2 years of ownership, but things happen. How the indicators broke with me being very careful, well the right side one broke while getting the bike diesel washed, apparently, the guy wasn’t careful while washing, till this point I was contemplating whether to replace it or stick it back until the left side one broke by me. This happened while removing the cover and my leg snapped the indicator off, I was a bit zoned out at the moment. At this point, I’m like let it be, time to get them changed. On a side note, the bike was on its original indicators since it left the showroom and the rear ones were anyways developing cracks in them, plus they were almost 9-year-old lights. Got the indicators home, freshened up had lunch, rested a bit, got the toolkit out, changed into my work clothes and ready for some wrenching.

Time to get rid of the Dangle of shame

If you look closely, the cracks can be seen

In with the new

Indicators were replaced and it was time to do some chain maintenance. Mounted the bike on the paddock.

Did some throttle adjustments and thread locked the mirrors in place and ready for the next ride, tragedy struck, I tried a different way to dismount Tali from the paddock (instant regret, for this I’ll take help next time), the bike slipped side stand wasn’t in position and fell on the left side, bent a clutch lever, it was a brand new clutch lever assembly I put in October before my Statue of unity ride and damaged a new leg guard.

The leg guard didn’t break off fully because I am using the ADV 390 foundation bolt as it is compatible with the 1st gen Duke 390, to fit the leg guard onto the bolt, to enlarge the hole from 10 dia to 14 dia, to make it fit.

Moment before the tragedy

There are a few small things to take care of next, the bike is throwing low oil pressure warning, dealing with the broken footpeg spring and leaky left side engine casing plastic bolt. I have the parts with me.

And a Sunday morning ride to Vandri lake

After sitting Tali out, went for a nice morning ride with some Xpulses, one of them being a college friend. Started the journey at 5:00 am in the morning, did the first rendezvous at Kandivali link road, while waiting for my friend, a crow pooped on the front fender of Tali, glad it was fresh and washed it off with some water from the Hydration bag. After meeting with my friend, we both left and made two more stops to meet up with the rest, second stop was at Mira road Daishar till naka and the last one was at Hotel fountain where everyone met up and had some chai and a bit of chit chat before leaving.

Tali chilling

The lineup

The spot, the area is beautiful and lovely trails for ADVs and lovely weather, did some trails with the Duke, despite being on Road’s didn’t push it though, was inspecting the tyres most of the time.

The point where the Duke and Avenger gave up and the Xpulses went ahead.

On the way back had a nice breakfast and opened the taps of the Duke. All in all, it was a nice ride.

Until next time.

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