My positive experience with Skoda fixing my Kushaq

I understand Skoda has been notorious in it’s services in the past but I feel they have come a long way and have improved a lot in keeping its customers happy.

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Hi Everyone

I’m into an unfortunate situation and need your advice.

Yesterday evening while driving, the car started to make some grinding noise while braking, it felt like something is stuck and it is preventing the car from braking smoothly. This morning the noise started coming even on light braking. I’m not sure if there is some issue with the brake pads or the discs or some other issue.

The dealership is 90 kms from my hometown and I’m very skeptical about driving it all the way. Only option I can see is to utilize the RSA. There is a 800 km long trip coming and I don’t want any issues during that trip.

If anyone has been in the same boat or has any information related to this please do let me know.

Thank you!

DocHudson had the following update on the matter:

Hi Everyone, I apologize I couldn’t update the resolution to this on time.

I opted for RSA and sent the car to the agency. The silencer unit was displaced from it’s location which was making that noise. I remember while parking once the car scraped it’s bottom on an uneven and weirdly slant ramp. But at that time there was no issues with the car. I’m guessing as I drove more, the silencer must have displaced further which later started to make that noise.

I want to give a shoutout to the skoda RSA. As soon as I called the toll free, I was immediately assigned with an agent. He promptly replied to all my queries and made sure the flatbed reached on time. From calling the toll free to sharing all my details and confirming that I require assistance and car is not in a condition to drive, it only took the flatbed 45 minutes to reach my home. Live tracking on the skoda connect app was a boon in this situation.

As soon as the car reached the service center, I got a call from my SA. He made sure everything went smoothly. I even got timely updates from the service agent about the issue and how they resolved it. They also did a software update and taping on doors to prevent rattling noises even though I had no complaints regarding this.

2 weeks after all this, I got a call from Skoda RSA services asking for my feedback and if anything can be improved. I understand Skoda has been notorious in it’s services in the past but I feel they have come a long way and have improved a lot in keeping its customers happy. As skeptical as I was sending my car on a flatbed with strangers, I have gained more confidence in this service now

A photo of the flatbed. It’s been a month and this photo still hurts me.

Here’s what BHPian thanixravindran had to say on the matter:

Nice to hear the prompt response and resolution you got from Skoda. Appreciate if you can provide some more details –

How they resolved the silencer issue? Are there some bolts that gotten loose or is there any welding involved?

Was it done in a single day or does your car has to stay longer in the workshop? How much the total cost incurred to fix the silencer issue?

Wishing you many more trouble free miles!!!

DocHudson had the following reply:

Since it was only displaced and the holder was not broken but gotten loose, they fixed it with new bolts.

The car was repaired within a day but I couldn’t visit the showroom due to some prior engagements so had to keep the car with them for 3 days (Cons of not having the dealership in your hometown).
They didn’t charge me a single penny.

Also, RSA was quoting a whopping 9k to bring my car back which was around 100kms so waiting 3 days felt right.

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