My Skoda Octavia gets its annual service: 6 years & 89,000 km update

Fuel efficiency has been amazing, ranging from 26.5 km/l to 15 km/l.

BHPian RohanDheman recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Octavia has been performing flawlessly with no issues to report. Completed the annual service at Brite Skoda, Noida and since it was a part of the service pack, the bill was a big fat nada for the service.

However, Skoda being Skoda, did rile me up by sending me a big fat estimate of nearly Rs 2.5 lakh for overhauling the suspension, replacing the disks and pads and timing kit.

At 88k km, I was still on the original discs (front and rear) [Yes I drive cautiously and avoid aggressive braking] and the pads were last replaced at 45,000 km. So got those replaced at Skoda along new brake fluid. Costed Rs 35,000 for all inclusive of tax and labor.

I knew the suspension was in need of some work, so went to my trusted FNG and ever evaluation got the following parts changed (struts were found to be perfectly good):

  • Link rods
  • Bushes for the lower control arm
  • Suspension top mount
  • Engine mounts

The entire front suspension was opened, cleaned, generously lubed and installed back. The car drives beautifully now and there is not a single noise from the suspension. As a preventive measure, got the timing kit replaced too. Car feels and drives like brand new once again and is now sorted on all aspects for its remaining 4 years of NCR life.

The mileage, as has been case, has been amazing. On a recent Noida-Amritsar-Noida drive, we averaged 26.5 km/l and local mileage has been between 15-17 km/l as well. With the Jazz CVT added for local Noida use, Octavia will see some drop in local use and will now primarily be used for office runs to Gurgaon and highway runs.

While I do realize that the replacement is at-least 3/4 years away – the thought of having to find a worthy replacement has already started giving me nightmares.

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