My Uber taxi rams into an XUV 500: How rear seat belts saved me

This was a low speed crash, little more than a fender bender, yet the impact was strong. I can only imagine what people have been through in more severe accidents.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This simple safety device saved me from injuries earlier today, and I’m so glad that the authorities have made rear seatbelts mandatory, even in cabs.

Had to go someplace with impossible parking, so called for an Uber. I usually (like 90% of the time) sit on the front seat only, but for no particular reason, I jumped on the backseat of this Dzire Uber and was off. Buckled up, I did what most passengers do in a cab = I was on my smartphone. 10 minutes into the drive, I heard a loud crashing sound and was thrown toward the front. Luckily, the seatbelt grabbed me and I didn’t smash my head into the back of the front seat. Because of the loud thud & severe jolt, I was disoriented for a few seconds, then realised what was happening. My Uber driver rammed his cab into an XUV500 waiting at the traffic signal. He basically drove straight into a stationary vehicle.

Have a sore left shoulder since afternoon. The shoulder was already sore from a gym injury. Happy to have walked away otherwise unscathed.

This was a low speed crash, little more than a fender bender, yet the impact was strong. I can only imagine what people have been through in more severe accidents. Be safe, guys.

Here’s what BHPian V.Narayan had to say on the matter:

Thank you for sharing your personal experience GTO. Coming from a much listened to and credible industry expert like you I hope some more will actually start buckling up when seated at the rear. Even when being driven, and seated at the rear, I always buckle up. Period. If others wish to snigger let them. It doesn’t matter if the drive is of 5 minutes or 5 hours. Accidents do not announce their arrival.

Here’s what BHPian Thad_E_Ginathom had to say on the matter:

Most people have banged their head or walked into something. It hurts, right? At walking speed.

I belted up, the other day, to return a borrowed car to my friend’s car shed. It was literally around the corner. Whilst that particular corner does happen to be a blind L shape of a corner, I would have done anyway. It’s as automatic as starting the engine.

Thank you for sharing the experience. Hope your shoulder gets better very soon.

Here’s what BHPian ninjatalli had to say on the matter:

Just want to highlight this golden rule (that I follow too) when taking cabs; something that I would recommend to everyone when taking cabs.

There are several other additional benefits –

  • you end up having the best case for good leg room (you can push your seat behind which might not be possible in all cars for the rear seat)
  • 100% surety of having a working seat belt – have noticed/experienced several Uber/Ola vehicles having additional seat covers on their rear seats that blocks / prevents the seat belts on the rear seats
  • the driver is much more aware / cognizant of you and drives more sedately / appropriately (wonder if GTO’s accident might have not happened if he had sat in the front)
  • it’s a way of being nice to the driver. More than once I have seen the driver warming up; sitting at the back (especially when alone) gives a saheb – driver kind of scenario

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