Need Advice: My 2019 Innova Crysta has all 4 alloys slightly bent

Is it feasible to downgrade to 16-inch with a new set of tires or just new 17-inch alloys should work?

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Hello everyone,

We own a 2019 2.7 ZX AT Innova Crysta at home. As of today, it has done 36,000 km in 3 years and 5 months. It went for its scheduled 40k km service last week to Galaxy Toyota, Okhla, New Delhi where I was told all the 4 alloys (17-inch) are slightly bent. They said that the bubbling will be fixed by wheel balancing and wheel alignment. In the city, the car seemed to be fine.

Today, on the highway the car started swerving heavily towards the left and it really makes me feel that the alignment was not done properly or not done at all. The Toyota service advisor has told me the car will be picked up next week and it will be all sorted (since I am away from home for the weekend).

I have read that in 2017, Toyota temporarily stopped offering 17-inch alloys. If this is a manufacturing defect, will Toyota not take care of it?

Here’s what BHPian audioholic had to say on the matter:

Same issue with my car. The rear rims seem to have a runout as per the service comments. But this bend isn’t visible nor is it causing any wobbling, air loss etc which is characteristic of a bend. Regarding downgrade, I think it worsens the body roll and steering agility hence I’m not inclined towards it. But it will definitely improve the ride and reduce the chances of rim bends.

At least with my car they did a shoddy job of wheel alignment even after replacing the camber adjustment bolt after which they claimed they would do a perfect alignment. Right after 100kms of service I was not happy with the steering and went to my preferred shop, just to see huge deviations in the right wheel which exactly as per them was fixed perfectly. Hence I decided not to get the wheels aligned at Toyota in the future.

Regarding the rims themselves, replace all four with someone who is upgrading their Crysta rims with after-market rims. You might get a good deal.

Here’s what BHPian amalji had to say on the matter:

I also had an alloy losing shape issue. In my case, they were unable to do balancing and showed the wobbly (very slight) nature of a balancing machine. Then I opted to replace the alloy even though it could still be used as a spare.

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