Need advice: Which luxury car to replace my Audi A6 on a 30-40L budget

My ownership experience has been excellent so far, and the only reason I am considering changing cars is because of the NGT Ban on diesel cars aged 10 years and above in NCR.

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I’m fairly new to the forum and this is my first post

I am a thoroughly satisfied owner of a 2014 Audi A6 2.0 TDI, which I bought pre-owned from Audi Approved in 2015. My ownership experience has been Excellent so far, and the only reason I am considering changing cars is because of the NGT Ban on Diesel cars aged 10yrs and above in NCR.

My requirement are as follows:

  • Decent ride quality [A6 had Air-Suspension, so I’m spoilt now].
  • Decent Ground Clearance [A6 had ride height adjust].
  • Decent Space for 4 people with luggage.
  • Decent Feature List.
  • Budget 30L, but stretchable to 40L. [As was pointed out by GTO in a similar thread that all one needs can be had within a budget of 30L. After that it’s all desire.]

I am open to new and pre-owned cars.

Fuel Economy is not very high on my priority list as my running is limited to City and 7000 km/year.

The car is driven by me and my wife.

And, having had a good experience with my current German steed, I have no qualms in going for another.

Suggestions would be most helpful.

Thanks a lot.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

The 30 – 40 lakh cars have greatly improved, but I don’t think you’ll be totally satisfied with them, coming from an A6. Still, if you want to check out options, do so in the following order = Tucson, Innova Hycross…

Since you have experience with pre-owned cars and live in Delhi (which is the best used car market in terms of price and selection), my recommendations to you would be:

Used current-gen 5-Series, E-Class, A6 or Lexus ES (something like this for 45 lakhs would serve you for the next 10+ years).

30 lakhs can also get you like-new Skoda Superbs & Toyota Camrys. Be open, especially to the Camry Hybrid which is a luxury car in its own right.

Since you keep your cars for long, go for petrol so you don’t have to face the same situation again soon (especially as your used car will be 3 – 5 years old).

Here’s what BHPian AROO7 had to say on the matter:

Nothing less than the German trio or the Lexus will be acceptable to you after coming from an A6. I completely agree with GTO’s suggestion of picking a petrol and pre-owned car this time to extract maximum value on the money spent.

Coming to car suggestions I would say start with Audi and Mercedes Benz if you are comfort oriented and if driving dynamics are a priority start with BMW 5-Series then move on to Audi and others in that order. Reading from V.Narayan Sir’s report I concur Lexus ES can also be a contender on your list.

I would avoid Toyota Camry and Skoda cars for the badge value otherwise they are very good products. Also Hyundai Tucson and Toyota Innova Hycross though good product won’t be able to match the supple ride quality of the A6’s air suspensions or its badge value.

That said, if you are ready to stretch a bit then Kia EV6 can also be considered. Top class fit and finish, exclusivity, and no NGT ban fears. Although do keep in mind its ride quality is a bit firm. For better ride quality with a similar package you can look at Hyundai Ioniq.

Here’s what BHPian shiv11bhargava had to say on the matter:

I think a petrol C-Class would be a great choice for you. A pre-owned 2017-2020 C200 will be easily available within 40L. A used 530i (2017-2019) will be available between 39 to 44L in Delhi NCR. I have found two. Both are from 2017 and are at 40L and 43L respectively. Another 5 Series to your garage. Most 5’s in the used car market are diesels. Everyone’s well aware. I think you should very seriously pursue a 2018-2019 530i. The C200 and Superb would be just fine as well. Out of those two. The C200 has badge value but the Superb literally is a superb product. It would be amazing if you add a 530i next to your 520d in a different colour?! Cheers.

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