Need help to shuffle my garage due to my dad’s medical condition

I’m planning to sell the Rapid or Duster or even both and get a new automatic and comfortable car for dad.

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Need suggestions for shuffling my Garage

Here’s my dilemma

Few months ago my dad started experiencing leg pain and was diagnosed with AVN (it requires a total hip replacement for people who don’t know). So he finds it difficult to drive a manual car or a low-seated car because of low ingress and egress. Therefore, we need a car which is comfortable for him and will be used 90% in the city only.

Our current garage

Renault Duster 2014: 100k kilometers on odo, I bought it used in 2018. This car is mainly used by dad in the city for office-to-home commutes, and on our family trips too. I bought this car in 2018 and I love how it rides on broken roads. Replaced all tires at 50k and all shock absorbers at 96k. Works like a charm.

Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI DSG: 30k kilometers on odo. This is used 100% by me.

Due to dad’s condition, I was thinking of replacing one of the two or both cars, and here are my options:

  • Keep Rapid, sell Duster and buy New Ignis AMT or pre-owned Jazz CVT for dad
  • Sell both cars and buy automatic Ignis/Jazz for dad and pre-owned Compass manual/XUV00 5 seater for myself
  • Keep both cars and hire a chauffeur for dad
  • Others

Please suggest if there are any other better options.

Here’s what BHPian Aakash118 had to say about the matter:

I don’t think your dad will like the seating of Jazz moving from a Duster. So I will say that sell the Duster & buy a used automatic Creta or a petrol Brezza/UC AT. Rapid hasn’t run much and can be replaced after 2-3 years.

Here’s what BHPian condor had to say about the matter:

Suggest a step-by-step approach: Hire a driver for dad, see how it works out. If you find a good driver, and dad & you all are comfortable, you can continue. This will give also give you time to think it over.

Duster’s got a good ride, and I assume that your dad is comfortable in the car. The Rapid is too new to be sold. Between the two, if you really have to sell, then I think the Duster goes, more due to getting a decent price for the car due to its age.

Here’s what BHPian saikishor had to say about the matter:

I feel you should sell the Duster and get a newer crossover. 100k kms up, I feel it is the perfect time for a replacement. As far as my personal experience goes, Harrier’s rear space is pretty good. But I would not recommend it primarily for the shoddy reliability it has on offer. Something like XUV700 or Hyryder will be a good bet IMO.

Or hiring a chauffeur and seeing how things go. Even if you hire a chauffeur, I feel the Duster has to go for something newer.

Here’s what BHPian lamborghini had to say about the matter:

In addition to the Creta, I would also look at the Urban Cruiser / Vitara Brezza & the S-Cross Petrol Automatic. These would be newer models as compared to the Creta which has high resale value.

If you can, skip changing the Rapid & extend the budget to allow for a Kushaq 1.0TSi Automatic base trim, that could be a great replacement; and you could probably work out a deal on the car.

I’d have suggested a pre-owned Compass automatic ideally but at that budget (14-15L) the only automatic would be the 1.4 petrol with the not-so-great DCT.

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