Next BMW 7 Series Rumored To Get Rolls-Royce Features, Illuminated Grille

A list of alleged options for the upcoming 7er surfaces.

The BMW 7 Series is aging. Though it was given a facelift in 2019 – a controversial one, if I may add – we can’t deny the fact that the current generation of the flagship Bimmer has been around since 2015.

If you’re among those who have been waiting for a 7er revamp, don’t fret. The next-generation BMW 7 Series is coming and since last year, BMW has been testing prototypes of the flagship model, giving birth to unofficial renderings based on those spy shots (see gallery below).

Gallery: 2023 BMW 7 Series Renderings

But the most recent information about the next 7 Series comes from a list of BMW leaks from Bimmer Post. According to the leakage, the G70 7er will come standard with usuals – air suspension, soft close doors, and B&W audio. However, the list of options was also disclosed, which includes fully automatic doors like in the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, as well as a totally new set of headlights and the Iconic Glow on the fascia – also known as the illuminated grille on the X6, which later became an option on the 5 Series.

The leak also stated that the 7 Series’ rear seats will have equal comfort and amenities with the front cabin in Executive Lounge configuration, while the rear entertainment will be better than a standard huge screen.

Filling the list of options are a better version of B&W audio, Sky Lounge roof, a new driver-assist package called “Motorway Assistant,” and a natural A.I. interaction seen on the BMW iX EV.

The leakage also mentioned that the production for the G70 7 Series will being in July 2022. Given this timeline, we can expect a reveal from the German marque towards the end of 2021 or early next year.

As always, take these leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism as they’re still unconfirmed.


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