Nissan Titan Now Available With 7-Year Loan At 0 Percent APR

Now that’s a deal.

According to a recent analysis, the Memorial Day deals this year are significantly reduced compared to 2020. CarsDirect explains this is due to “fundamental changes in manufacturer incentives and a buyer’s ability to get a deal,” but there’s also the global chip shortage and other factors that contribute to the generally shrunken discount offers. Many manufacturers have taken away discounts altogether, and General Motors has even discontinued its program for teachers, military, and first responders.

Given that, it’s somewhat surprising but very welcomed to learn that Nissan has a killer deal for its Titan full-size truck. A dealer incentive bulletin revealed that the Japanese automaker is now offering a 0 percent APR on a seven-year loan for the Titan range. According to calculations by CarsDirect, this effectively cuts the price of a $50,000 truck by approximately $5,300 in what is one of the best Memorial Day deals this year. 

Our source makes a quick comparison with Ford’s 84-month rate on the F-150 which is 8.9 percent APR. The calculations show that Nissan’s latest deal could make a $61,000 Titan Platinum Reserve cheaper to buy than a $46,000 F-150 XLT, and that’s absolutely bonkers. In general, no other manufacturer currently has as generous offers for trucks as Nissan’s Memorial Day truck deals.

Interestingly, this is not the Titan’s first serious offer in recent weeks. Just a few days ago, it was reported that a Springfield, Virginia dealership offered a super-cheap 99-cent Nissan Leaf lease if you buy a 2021 Nissan Titan truck. Obviously, you had to buy the Titan at full price to get the lease, but it was still a very attractive offer.



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