Novitec delivers 706hp Ghost Black Badge

Rolls-Royce gets its second round of power-hungry Novitec treatment

By John Howell / Monday, 26 September 2022 / Loading comments

When we reported last year on the 685hp Novitec (Spofec) Rolls-Royce Ghost, one of the comments was, ‘A body kit. And spoiler. This really is the end of civilization.’ Maybe a little bit of hyperbole, perhaps, but we got the point. What next you might wonder? Well, since then we’ve had a Ghost Black Badge so in characteristic style Novitec has upped the power of that to 706hp, but with the latent threat of nuclear war to add some perspective, I think we can agree that it’s no longer the most worrying thing for humanity. Just a bit unnecessary.

The engine tuning has also released 739lb ft of torque at just 2,400rpm from the twin-turbo 6.75-litre V12. That means this Ghost Black Badge can hit 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds, although the top speed remains pegged at 155mph to protect the tyres. The upgraded outputs are down to ‘Custom-programmed maps for injection and ignition, as well as a moderate increase in boost pressure enhance the performance considerably’ without ‘impairing its silkiness and durability’.

The silkiness may be impaired by the options for the stainless exhaust system. You can choose two tailpipe designs – either with or without visible tailpipes – and add active butterfly valves that enhance the sound to suit your mood. A ‘tailor-made carbon body styling kit’ along with a 40-millimetre drop in ride height exacerbates the car’s in-your-face stance on its Vossen 22-inch wheels.

The all-new front end is also said to make the Ghost aerodynamically more efficient by reducing front-axle lift and the larger air intakes offer more airflow to cool the radiators and front brakes. At the rear there’s a small boot spoiler. The interior is not left alone, either, with Novitec saying it offers ‘A virtually endless variety of colours to choose from’. Not the end of the civilisation, then. At worst, maybe the death of good taste.

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