Novitec launches 711hp Maserati MC20

Standard MC20 not quite super enough for you? How about a 202mph version…

By John Howell / Monday, 12 September 2022 / Loading comments

This isn’t the first time Novitec has worked on a Maserati, but it’s perhaps the best base it’s had to work from. After all, the standard Maserati MC20 has gone down a storm with everyone who’s driven it, and even in its press release the German tuning firm states ‘The three-litre, six-cylinder engine with two turbochargers provides an outstanding starting point for powerful tuning.’ So how powerful is the tuning it’s talking about and what else has Novitec done to make the Massa experience even better?

Well, another statement on this new car says ‘The Novitec power unit engineers developed various performance upgrades for the MC20 that unleash the reserves slumbering in the engine’. Slumbering? Really? Blimey. The standard car makes 630hp and 538lb ft of grunt, so it’s hard to see how adjectives such as ‘slumbering’ are appropriate and yet, Novitec has certainly awoken something within the V6’s belly. It now has 711hp at 7,400rpm and 603lb ft of shove between 3,000 and 5,500rpm – upgrades could be reasonably described as: a lot. That’s born out in the performance figures. 0-62mph takes 2.8 seconds; 0-124mph is over in 8.4 seconds. And it maxes out at 202mph.

How has Novitec poked this sleeping bear? Well, part of it comes from Novitec’s engine control software. Its plug-and-play N-TRONIC control modules offer bespoke mapping for the MC20’s fuel injection, boost pressure control and ignition. This is said to make the car ‘considerably more dynamic’. There’s also what’s described as a ‘precisely tuned high-performance exhaust’ with ‘sport mufflers let the V6 breathe out more freely’. Lovely. And as you’d hope, this adds a bit more aural action, too, with ‘an even sportier exhaust note to boot’ and optional active butterfly valves to open up the sound further.

Part of the performance gains relate to the exhaust’s lighter materials – there’s a choice of stainless steel or Inconel – but you can also choose more efficient 100-cell sport catalysts. It’s worth noting that the exhaust system’s components are wrapped in high-temperature thermal insulation to minimise the temperatures in the engine bay, and gold plating is also available. This ends with a set of 100mm carbon and stainless-steel tailpipes.

That brings us onto the looks and aero side. There are several bare carbon fibre additions that Novitec has developed in the wind tunnel to help hone their aerodynamic benefits. The lip spoiler at the front reduces lift over the front axle, while the ducktail at the rear is said to deliver downforce. The forged, five-spoke, NF 10 wheels were developed in conjunction with American manufacturer Vossen and add lightness as well as strength. At the front they’re shod in 255/35 ZR 20s and the rear wears 325/25 ZR 21 rubber. On top of the revised rubber, Novitec’s added sport springs that lower the ride height by about 25mm.

Finally, when it comes to the interior Novitec says it will work with customers to create ‘exclusive interior appointments in any desired colour from the finest leather and Alcantara with consummate workmanship’. What it doesn’t mention is the price. But then if you have to ask…

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