Pics: BHPians share their favourite automotive gifts

They can be the “best” for any reason (high quality, thoughtful, useful, etc.) according to you.

BHPian GForceEnjoyer recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’m sure a that lot of the people close to us would know about our fascination with automobiles. Hence, I’m starting this thread for you to show the best automotive gifts you’ve been given by them (it can be for any occasion; there being none also works). They can be the “best” for any reason (high quality, thoughtful, useful, etc.) according to you.

I’ll start off with a few of mine.

Drawing of a car:

Probably the most unique is this wonderful drawing of a Porsche Panamera made by one of my dear friends from school using grey alcohol markers and a white gel pen (I blurred out the licence plate since it has my name on it; another wonderful touch! ).

Scale models:

I was also gifted some very high quality 1:36 scale models of a Mercedes SLS AMG and a Ford Mustang for my birthday once (two of my dream cars).

F1 souvenir:

The oldest of such gifts I still have with me is this model of an F1 car from 2011 (my dad was originally given this by work at the race in Greater Noida and he later gifted it to me).

Anyways, enough about me for now, I invite all fellow BHPians to comment theirs below! (Actually, these are all that I have with me physically, there are a couple more that I don’t know the location of; I will post them if I find them).

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Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Man, I have so many automotive gifts that it’ll be impossible to list. Most people in my circle know me as a car guy, so I get a ton of them.

Listing the easiest-to-remember ones.

  • A tyre paperweight that beloved Moderator Rtech gifted me in 2004. It’s still used as a “daily” on my desk.
  • A Ford Mustang number plate with “R U S H” written on it, as a gift from Ford.
  • A number-plate with “Team-BHP” embossed on it. Gift from Rehaan. It’s used in my hall. And a “GTO’s BHP?” sticker (same style & theme as Got BHP?).
  • A Team-BHP logo wall clock gifted by my best friend. Used in my bedroom.
  • A Team-BHP-embossed wooden plank. Used in my office.
  • 1997 Classic. Gifted by Dad.
  • Lewis Hamilton t-shirt, gifted by a childhood friend 5 years back. I still wear it. What quality! Its wear & tear rate is as slow as a W124.
  • 4 glasses on an engine block, gifted by Mahindra. On my office desk.
  • A Ferrari fuel-lid ashtray gifted by BHPian Steeroid

There’s a lot more, my house is literally full of this stuff! The above list is just from the top of my head (that’s a little slow on Saturdays ).

Here’s what BHPian Samba had to say on the matter:

Here goes my list-

The scale models & a Lego set.

My close ones know, that I am a big time Ferrari fan!

Here’s what BHPian vijukb had to say on the matter:

I am a fan of VW Beetle and so I keep collecting scaled models. Since my cousins or friends know my interest, they have always presented me different models. Of course, you will see other models but mostly VW beetles

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