Prepare For A 1000bhp Electric BMW M5 This Decade

BMW - Prepare For A 1000bhp Electric BMW M5 This Decade - News

The BMW M5 supersaloon was only recently facelifted – with an even sharper face – but it’s thought BMW is working on its successor. It’s thought the next M5 will have a radically different powertrain than the current car, with both electric and plug-in hybrid options thought to be in the pipeline.

BMW has previously shown a 5 Series mule called the ‘Power BEV’, and this will pave the way for the underpinnings of the next-generation M5. The development car had three electric motors – two on the rear axle and one on the front – and a total output of 710bhp, the same as the McLaren 720S. But, according to a report from Car magazine’s Georg Kacher, the next M5 will get huge 250kW motors, which’ll give the equivalent of 1000bhp.

BMW - Prepare For A 1000bhp Electric BMW M5 This Decade - News

The target is 0-62mph in under three seconds, and a range of over 400 miles – although clearly not at the same time. As with the Porsche Taycan, 800-volt charging infrastructure will feature, allowing a rapid battery recharge when hooked up to a charger potent enough. At a 350kW charge point, an 80% top-up in 20 minutes seems likely.

Alongside the electric M5, BMW will offer a plug-in hybrid model – so there won’t be an M5 without electrification of some sort. Expected to share a powertrain with the upcoming BMW X8 M, it’s likely to get a V8 petrol engine hooked up to two motors and a fairly small battery. A 40-mile electric range should be the target, but together the two power sources will produce over 700bhp and similar numbers in torque.

BMW - Prepare For A 1000bhp Electric BMW M5 This Decade - News

It’ll use the same underpinnings as the next BMW 7 Series, and BMW has already confirmed the next 7 Series will offer a fully electric version. If a four-figure power output seems like overkill, it’s needed to compete with the upcoming Tesla ‘Plaid’ mode – the configuration of a Tesla Model S that lapped the Nurburgring (seemingly for no reason).

You’ve got a little while to wait for the next M5. A facelift earlier this year means it’ll be 2024 by the time the next one is launched. Prices are likely to creep closer to £120,000.

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