Review of a ditch: The infamous car-breaker on Bangalore-Goa highway

I was intrigued by the infamous ditch at Anmod, located on a stretch of road that is part of the Bangalore Goa highway. It is a monster and cannot be taken even at slow speed.

BHPian rajathv8 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Anmod car breaker:

I was intrigued by the infamous Anmod ditch so I clicked a few pics here to document it. It is indeed a monster. This is not a ditch that can be taken at slow speed. The drop is too much and it WILL hit even at crawling speed. My A-Star took a hit as well – 170mm GC and lightly loaded. It all depends on the approach.

Easy – it is at the turn to Doodhsagar Jungle Resorts.

Set Doodhsagar Jungle resorts as a stop on Gmaps and watch out for the deviation from the main road to identify the spot.

Without the above, it is not easy to identify the location. I witnessed many sudden braking incidents during my recee – it scared even the likes of XUV700, XUV500, Hector and an Endy. The 500 kicked up quite some dust while braking but none of them got a hit.


There are 3 points of interest:

  • This is the car breaker. It is a sharp dip from concrete to a sloping mud surface with ditches. It is the worst of the three and the one where most cars were getting hit. In the span of 15 mins I was taking pics, a Jazz, Punto and Alto got severe hits. The Alto took a hit between the wheels and another one on the rear overhang.
  • This is the rise while going towards Goa. Its not as bad as above.
  • This is a gentle transition towards Doodhsagar Resorts turn and is the preferred approach to take. It does not have a sharp drop.
  • The 150 feet stretch had many deep potholes and ruts. It was not motorable by cars. So the cars had to resort to the 80 feet stretch. To avoid the car breaker, follow the 3->2 route. On return journey take 2->3 route.

Look for annotation in the images:

Notice the Doodhsagar Jungle Resorts board on the left:

More images:

Notice the marks on the concrete edge and the broken car parts visible:

Closing thoughts:

This spot is in a densely forested area with significant rain and truck traffic. The optimal approach will change with time so best to walk it out of required.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.


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