Rolls Royce unveils coachbuilt Boat Tail

Rolls Royce unveils its new coachbuilt Boat Tail, a permanent fixture in its future product portfolio.

Rolls Royce recently announced the formal re-establishment of its Coachbuild department. To commemorate this, the company has now introduced – the Boat Tail.

The Boat Tail is the first coachbuilt product from the brand since the ‘Sweptail’ back in 2017. Rolls Royce has confirmed that the Boat Tail is based on a true commission model and will be a permanent fixture in its future portfolio.

The company also stated that it will be building three Boat Tails in total. However, while all three models will sport the same body style, each of them will be personalised according to the requirements of the clients.

The Boat Tail design draws inspiration from a yacht and the original Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental Boattail Tourer from 1932. The 2021 coachbuilt model is said to measure 5.8 metres in length and comes with a soft-top convertible.

At the front, the Boat Tail features the company’s signature Pantheon grille, flanked by circular headlamps and LED DRLs on either side. The Boat Tail also features a wraparound windshield, reminiscent of the visors on luxury yachts.

At the rear, the Rolls Royce Boat Tail features relatively low positioned LED tail lights. There is also an aft wooden deck evoking the appearance of a boat’s stern. This deck further opens up to reveal what Rolls Royce calls ‘hosting suite’, featuring cutlery, silverware, two fold-out picnic tables and two refrigerators.

The Rolls Royce Boat Tail comes finished in a dual shade of blue in line with the nautical theme of the car. It comes with matching multi-spoke alloy wheels as well.

The interiors also feature a nautical theme with leather upholstery finished in a dark blue hue at the front and a lighter tone at the rear. The client of the Boat Tail has also got the car customised with a unique BOVET 1822 timepiece and a Montblanc pen housed in a hand-crafted aluminium and leather case in the glove box.

Rolls Royce hasn’t revealed the powertrain specifications of the Boat Tail. However, being based on the Phantom, it is expected to carry forward the same 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 engine that develops 571 BHP and 900 Nm.

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