Rs 13 lakh: Looking for either a new or used compact SUV for daily use

Open to either a new or used petrol-automatic SUV, if pre-owned, then also willing to consider a low-mileage diesel automatic.

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Wow, this is my first thread in a very very long time (10 years, I guess). I am so confused as to what I should buy that I’ve gone totally blank. Looking for some recommendations on buying a new car or a used low-kilometre car.

So a little about me,


  • I live on rent and I will continue to do this in the place where I currently am for at least the next 5yrs approx.

My Parking:

  • This place has tight parking spots and spots change every time because it’s first come first serve but nonetheless all the spots are tight in terms of getting into and out of as they are stack parking. To get into the stack you have to take a 90-degree turn tight turn which would require at least 2 to 3 iterations before getting into them.

My travel:

  • My travel every day is a 10kms round trip to and fro the office. But I do travel across the city every other day. This usually ends up commuting in peak hour traffic in the evenings.
  • I do a once-every-15/20-day Mumbai-Pune (350km round trip) run.
  • My monthly running would turn out to be about 1.5k to 2k km a month.

My cars & its life sentence:

  • This usually hovers around 9 to 10 years I guess this would be the case for most people.
  • My last daily drive was a 2012 i10 automatic (sold).

Preference & Budget:

Let the suggestions begin.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

I would go with the 2020 Sonet Diesel AT.


  1. Good old torque converter will have superior reliability to the dual-clutch AT
  2. Way better in traffic due to its smoother jerk-free & lag-free power delivery (turbo-petrol with dual-clutch AT has its low-speed nuances)
  3. Your running can touch 2000 km / month. Diesel AT fuel economy will be far superior to that of Petrol AT
  4. The Sonet will still have its factory warranty intact. Follow our used car checklist (including service history, checking past insurance claims etc.) & get an extended warranty for 100% peace of the mind.
  5. I personally prefer the Sonet’s sweet styling & superb suspension tune to the Venue which is more hatchback-like.

Try getting a new Sonet Diesel AT (since you are open to a new Venue DCT).

Here’s what BHPian shankar.balan had to say on the matter:

Consider the following suggestions given your situation, bearing in mind your running and your parking scenario:

  1. Used Maruti Brezza Petrol or Diesel
  2. Toyota Urban Cruiser Petrol or Diesel
  3. Used Tata Nexon EV Prime if you can get one, else the Petrol or Diesel variant.
  4. Used Maruti Swift
  5. Used Maruti WagonR
  6. Used Maruti Ignis

The reasons for the above suggestions are the following; the frugality of the engines in the above vehicles, easy serviceability, general reliability, practicality and peace of mind, compactness of size and proportions, good ground clearance for our typical road conditions and general ease of parking.

Here’s what BHPian d-g-p had to say on the matter:

Take a call on DCT after going through pros and cons you can find from a large number of threads in this forum. In general, it is better if DCT can be avoided in bumper-to-bumper and start-stop traffic.

Amongst the Torque converter and CVT gearbox for a new car with the above criteria you can go with:

  1. New Brezza VXI AT
  2. Nissan Magnite turbo CVT if you are confident with Service centres in your city. You can choose XV or XV premium according to budget.
  3. Renault Kiger turbo CVT ( Some safety features like ESC missing)

For a used car with AT Brezza, Urban cruiser, Ecosport with a good deal (with consideration that Ford has exited the Indian market) or a Diesel TC AT Sonet if you can find one. These are all sub-4 metre cars that would fit with your space constraints and SUV stance.

Here’s what BHPian bijims had to say on the matter:

If you are looking for a frugal car, the Sonet HTK+ Diesel AT will do the job, it’s adequately specced and would be much better in stop-and-go traffic than a DCT. If you are getting a good deal on it, I suggest you go for it.

If you are looking at a new car purchase, between Venue S(O) DCT and i20 Sportz DCT, The following should be taken into account:

  • Whether you need the Ground clearance of the Venue (195mm) or not or would the ground clearance of the i20 (170mm) suffice?
  • The i20 is definitely the more spacious of the two, with better wheelbase and width, although the Venue is taller and offers more headroom.
  • The Venue has 350 litres of boot space whereas the i20 offers only 311 litres.
  • The Venue being recently updated offers Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control, ESP and Traction Control which the i20 lacks.
  • The headlights of the Venue are LED Projectors whereas the i20 has halogens.
  • The Venue offers leather-wrapped steering and gear knob
  • The Venue offers Rear Wiper and washer which the i20 lacks.
  • The Venue offers drive modes and paddle shifters over the i20
  • The i20 offers tilt and telescopic steering adjustment whereas the Venue offers only a tilt function.
  • The i20 offers auto-folding ORVMs which the Venue lacks.
  • The i20 offers a cooled glovebox over the Venue.
  • The i20 offers halogen projector fog lamps which the Venue lacks.

To conclude, for the price premium, the Venue offers the SUV stance and more safety features over the i20.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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