Rumour: FASTags to be made mandatory for all vehicles

According to a media report, the Government of India is planning to make FASTags mandatory for all vehicles in the next 4 months. All toll plazas in the country will also be converted to accept FASTags.

The Road Transport & Highways minister has said that every person with a vehicle will have to purchase a FASTag. Vehicles that don’t have a FASTag sticker will not be able to cross the toll plaza.

There are about 450 toll plazas that have FASTag lanes. These include routes like the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Delhi-Chennai NH-48 and the Dahisar toll plaza in Mumbai that have a higher density of traffic. Yet, vehicles get stuck in long queues as those without FASTags also enter the lanes dedicated for FASTag users, leading to delays.

The government hopes to streamline toll collection and reduce delays by making FASTags compulsory for all vehicles.

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