Sedan under Rs 15 lakh as an upgrade from 2020 Maruti Ignis

I’ve shortlisted the Slavia, 5th-gen City and Ciaz but my wife is against all of these cars as she wants us to get an SUV.

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Hey all!

Currently, I own a 2020 Ignis Zeta. Car has done around 8k kms only due to COVID and all but been my daily driver for the last 6 months as my office has reopened. Ignis is a pretty good city car. Nimble, fuel efficient and relatively peppy. But bumpy ride quality is becoming an issue for me, especially on city roads.

I got bit by the upgrade bug recently. Honestly, I got bored of Ignis especially since there is a Honda and Skoda showroom right next to my home and I’ve been in love with Slavia and City ever since. So I’m planning on an upgrade. My usage is daily 30 KMS home-office-home and once-a-quarter highway trips of about 300kms.

Requirements below

  • I absolutely love sedans. That low seating makes me feel like I’m in a supercar
  • Decently fuel efficient. Anything between 8 KMPL to 12 KMPL is fine with me. The more the better. (FYI, Ignis is giving me 14 KMPL in Pune traffic with 100% AC ON)
  • Has to be under 15 lakhs
  • Since my primary usage is in the city, has to be comfortable on bumpy roads
  • Good quality and good-looking exteriors and interiors

Cars I’ve shortlisted:

Heart : Skoda Slavia Ambition MT


  • Been in love with it since its launch. Especially the Red color.
  • Loved the quality of interiors.
  • Looks very premium for the price. I’m eyeing the Ambition variant and it is pretty well-equipped.
  • Service centre is a couple of kms away from my home.

Why not?

  • Stories of A.S.S. I’m looking for a painless ownership experience.
  • Worried a little about fuel efficiency. Getting mixed reviews.
  • Cost of spares.
  • Wife wants an SUV.

Brain : Honda City V 5th Gen facelift MT


  • City is my childhood dream car.
  • Extremely reliable
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to maintain and cheaper ownership compared to Skoda (I’m guessing)
  • Service centre is a couple of kms away from my home.

Why not?

  • Honda’s approach towards the Indian market points towards exit
  • Tyres look puny and spoil the entire car’s character. Will need an upgrade immediately.
  • Dashboard looks good but the infotainment looks like an afterthought.
  • Ground clearance issues as there are a lot of speed breakers in my locality.
  • Wife wants an SUV.

Practical : Maruti Ciaz Alpha MT / AT


  • Most value for money. A top-end mid-size sedan under 14 lakhs that too an AT.
  • Maruti’s reliability
  • Fuel efficient
  • Service centre is right beside my home

Why not?

  • Dated interiors. Looks pretty basic.
  • Same Maruti again. Doesn’t feel different than my Ignis. Hate the steering wheel. Chances are high of getting bored.
  • Wife wants an SUV.

Wife’s options :

  • Maruti Grand Vitara : Maruti’s reliability and peace of mind but my budget allows me to get a Delta which I think isn’t VFM at all. I loved the Zeta but it’s a little stretch. Power figures are bad. I feel it’s too big for regular city use.
  • Skoda Kushaq: Ambition MT is on the 15 lakh mark. But I’ve heard that the fuel efficiency is less than Slavia. A little concerned about the potential ownership experience and along with spares & service costs.

All your inputs are highly appreciated.

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

You want a fast Skoda.

Wife wants an SUV / Crossover.

Just get the Kushaq. It is so much fun to drive! And has practical aspects too. You’ll enjoy it. Also consider the VW Taigun.

Here’s what BHPian RavSam had to say about the matter:

Wow! I too am an owner of a 2020 Ignis Zeta and my dream car since childhood is a Honda City.

There are a lot many options today and I can afford more expensive ones including some SUVs but then if I were able to buy a Honda City, and I always dreamt of buying it, I would go ahead and buy it. Especially since it’s a car with not many flaws.

There are many dreams and if one is able to fulfil one of them then why not?

P.S. Also, I would just not sell away the Ignis too soon. At 8k odd kilometers it has barely run in. My Ignis now, after 10k plus kms drives like a charm and buttery smooth and keeps up with speed with even mightier cars. Would at least drive it till 25k.

All the best!

Here’s what BHPian bijims had to say about the matter:

Considering the fact that you love sedans and hoping that you would be able to convince your wife, the best options in the sedan segment around 15 lakhs on-road would be Honda City V MT or VX MT, Skoda Slavia Ambition MT or Hyundai Verna SX 1.5 VTVT. Of the three, the City and Verna come with 1.5 L N.A. Petrol engines which produce 119 bhp and 113 bhp of power and 145 nm and 144 nm of torque respectively, the Slavia comes with a 1.0 L turbo petrol (TSI)producing 114 bhp of power and 178 nm of torque.

The City is a dependable car with all-round qualities which has made it a best seller in the sedan, the Slavia is the more fun of the lot, but maintenance costs of Skoda have historically been higher compared to its Japanese and Korean counterparts. The all-new Verna is a good car in its own right with modern styling and amenities.

As regards features and price, all are well equipped and priced closely and you wouldn’t go wrong with any of these cars, but In my opinion, if your heart yearns for a Skoda, you should definitely go for it!

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