See Tesla Model S Plaid+ Possibly Set New Laguna Seca EV Record

Nothing is official, but the video shows an impressive lap.

Over the last few days, Tesla has been spotted doing something at WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway. It’s believed that the company is attempting to set a new EV lap record there. The Kilowatts has been following Tesla’s antics at the track, and a new video from its YouTube channel purports to show the Model S, possibly the new Plaid+ model, setting a new lap record. The time is unofficial but still impressive.

The video actually shows two different Model S sedans rocketing around the track. The top video is believed to be the Plaid or the Plaid+ model, which unofficially lapped the track in 1:29.9, beating Tesla’s previous lap time of 1:30.3. The bottom video is believed to show the Dual Motor or Plaid model lapping the track in 1:32.6. The McLaren Senna holds the current production car lap record at the track with a 1:27.6 time.

Gallery: 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Refresh

Earlier this year, Tesla revealed a significant refresh for the Model S while also introducing the new Plaid+ performance trim. The Plaid+ has new battery cells that are part of the vehicle’s structure. According to the company, the new batteries give the sedan 520 miles (836 kilometers) of range with a zero-to-60 time below 1.99 seconds. It’s believed Tesla is putting the Plaid and Plaid+ trim through their paces before the cars begin reaching customers sometime this year.

News that Tesla may have set a new Laguna Seca lap record arrives days after another report claimed the updated Model S Plaid set a new quarter-mile record. If legit, the time would make it the quickest production car in the world. The report claimed the car rocketed through the quarter-mile with a 9.23-second time at 152.16 miles per hour (244.88 kilometers per hour). For now, both the quarter-mile and Laguna Seca track times are unofficial, though if they’re real, Tesla has a performance monster on its hands.  


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