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Thought the Cyan Racing P1800 looked good? Wait 'til you see it drifting through the snow…

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, February 16, 2021 / Loading comments

Cyan Racing could have released a video of its P1800 doing a three-point turn and it would have got views; it's the sort of car that demands attention whatever it does. But Cyan hasn't done that. Instead it travelled 1,000km north of Gothenburg to Are, the aim being to film some massive snowy skids with the car. Or, more specifically, to "explore the characteristics and limits of the Volvo P1800 Cyan in challenging conditions."

Are was a very deliberate choice of destination, too, it being the hometown of Mattias Evensson, Project Manager for the P1800 and Cyan's Head of Engineering. He's the driver in this video, and it'll come as no surprise to learn that he was pleased with the car's performance: "The basic concept of the car seems to work really well, it does not matter that much if you are on a bone-dry racing circuit, a wet and twisty country road or on the crisp ice here in northern Sweden. You still feel confident and in control… I would say this concept has somewhat been lost along the way for the performance cars of today. For us, this is returning back to basics."

On the ice, 'returning to basics' means exactly what you might hope: this is a very light, very powerful rear-wheel drive car without any driver aids, and thus it goes sideways quicker than you can say Scandinavian Flick. Crucially, though, the Cyan looks eminently controllable as well, which isn't always to be guaranteed with something like 400hp per tonne. Oh yeah, and it sounds the business – the 2.0-litre four-cylinder fiercely fizzing along like the barely disguised motorsport engine it is.

All in all, it's a pretty joyous little video, the focus very much on the car and what it can do rather than what's been deemed best by a third party. Anyone left unmoved by Cyan P1800 before might just be convinced – just a shame we're still half a million short.

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